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  • congrats on jr admin!
    thanks, been junior admin over a year now but only got the badge on the forums a while back
    ah okay i didnt know u were a junior admin till u got the badge lol
    Just got home from a trip to Birmingham having been nominated alongside my colleagues for the Breaking Down Barriers Award in the The National Learning Disability and Autism Awards! Sadly we didn't win but were shortlisted so ended up in the top 11
    to everyone who has posted wishing me a happy birthday, thank you all very much

    had a lovely day today, paid my first trip of the year to Monkey World, a place I love to visit and got lots of great photos
    got home a few hours ago from an overnight stay in Watford, went up for a meeting yesterday, had another in London today so the overnight stay saved two trips up, only no one attended the meeting yesterday apart from me and my colleague
    Ordered myself a new video camera which should arrive on Saturday, looking forward to posting some videos to go with my photos
    Had to go to the dentist earlier today for a filling, was very nervous as I don't like needles but they needed to give me an injection to numb my teeth, worked out fine in the end
    Just got home from the Doctors where I had my latest flu and covid vaccine, felt very nervous but barely felt it
    Lol also got mine today and at the same time as you.
    Just heard the sad news, after 70 years on the throne, Queen Elizabeth II has passed away.

    My (belated) condolences.
    Can't help but feel a bit down right now, the Queen isn't in good health and all of her family are visiting, things don't look too good right now
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    It's unfortunate and is Prince Charles even in good health either to take over the throne if the queen dies? It's hard to say what will happen. I guess all one can do is wait and see. Hopefully for the United Kingdom's sake, she ends up recovering but if not, then she's had a long reign and hopefully the next to take the throne, be it Prince Charles or one of the younger members of the royal family can be just as good as the queen.
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