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  • I think the bone strength thing might easily be explained - if you want to be more realistic anyway - by pokemon needing more calcium supplements than regular animals as they grow up. I only know this because my leopard gecko has no muscle mass due to a calcium deficiency, but alas. Is the picking-up-and-walking-with-egg idea for comfort reasons and to get the pokemon attached to humans?

    This definitely helped, so thanks. I've already established certain things in my 'verse that conflict with your own ideas but it'll be fun putting it all together.

    Also, is there any detrimental effect on the mothers for taking away their babies before they're born? Also, any explanation for why skitty can mate with wailord? ;P
    Well, starters are important. Anything starter-specific you have would be helpful. (I'd definitely give you credit for helping out, and also I plan to just use it as an idea kickstarter rather than ripping you off. XD) I was also interested in how they specifically take care of the eggs... I read about Nani riding her bike like you would in the games, but what's the complete logic behind that? Why not use an incubator or something similar? Also, how do they actually raise the pokemon once it is born?
    Hi. So a Crossover Battle came out. While it doesn't quite have a Scolipede in it, there is a Venipede.
    Pretty much the same xD well it's mostly just reviewing for my webdesign class but it's still a pain in the ass, particularly when I would rather be writing than doing this xD it really sucks doesn't it?

    That seems to be th ebest format to tackle the story in, I'm just glad you're still reading it xD
    If I didn't dislike Unova as a whole, I would completely find a way to use a Scolipede. The problem is that it just doesn't make a lot of since in the context of my story's universe.

    From your art thread I know that you've read at least two involved stories. In general looking at things that won awards recently isn't a bad idea for predicting matchups. In particular we used three of the four Best Supporting Character/Protagonist/Antagonist/Pokemon winners from the last cycle and featured another character from the fourth's story.
    Scolipede is possibly my favorite Gen V Pokemon. This comes from the entirely unbiased bug gym leader of Smogon's equivalent of URPG.

    We actually have all six matchups for season one down with release dates. First one's going to be in Mid-March if everything goes as planned. Other than that I don't say a lot publicly because we're trying to minimize authors finding out about a matchup and then either complaining about how horribly one-sided it is or coming to their own conclusion as to who should win and bitching if we disagree.
    Hi new-ish writer person. Your avatar is adorable.

    This is just me dropping in to say hi. Probably won't read your fic for a while because Crossover Battles are a thing that requires me to read and annotate six relatively long stories in the next few months so I'm going to be busy. But I'll try to get to it eventually, probably after you have more content. I do better reviews of stories that have more content up.
    Also fair bit of warning about the first few chapters for when you do read xD; my um.....grammatical sense wasn't as good as it is now to put it simply
    Hehe, black jeans, grey jumper (sweater, I think you'd call it. It's old, so faded from black), brown jacket, big brown hiking boots. If his jacket is open his knife might be visible on the left side in its scabbard. Oh, and glasses of course, narrow frames rather than hipster thick
    Nope you didn't you meanie D: totally broke my heart there. And hey it's no problem xD your art style is very realistic too in regads to proportions.

    Yep, it's my only one so far xD though it's ending in a couple of chapters, plus I need more readers D:
    I'm sorry was that message too sudden? xD

    Hey, wanna do a review exchange?
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