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  • I'm sorry that i didn't reply.

    Here is a fun pokemon forum you may like. Ever Grande City Forums - Powered by vBulletin
    Thanks for the birthday wish, and you get 10,000 points for accidentally helping me find the name of Fooly Cooly. I loved that show and have been jonesing to watch it again.
    Yeach, but when she gets back, I'll have cleaned the house. Anyway, if she's good, she'll understand, and if she's not, then why get her a present anyway?
    Look up some video games. If you can find the cash, get a copy. 2 is the best one, and the games are mostly self-contained, so the order you play 'em in doesn't really matter. Also, it takes a long time to play.

    I can live with that. I want to be a mad scientist, so I work out every day.
    Dude, Disgaea is amazing. In the first game, you can kill god by punching him into space. It's a tactical game, like chess, but it's so badass.

    I don't even really know what cholesterol is, man.
    Yeah, just go to the sign-ups. That Steampunk RP...I was planning on joining it. And it seems like something you might like, dunno why.

    Big boys play Call of Duty. It's just that a lot of people don't. I like Disgaea a lot. It's got demons in it too.

    Almost never, but only because my mom never gets it. When I strike out on my own, I'll probably be able to get it every day.
    Yeah, there're a ton of 'em here. Most of them are Pokemon, but a lot of them aren't/

    I'm not a fan of CoD either, but I don't shun games just 'cause their popular.

    The thing is, I'm good at cooking, and most of the stuff I cook is already vegetarian. But I dunno how long I can go without bacon. Or beef jerky.
    It's like that here. You should pop in to the RP district sometime.

    The writing is great, and the gameplay is too. Whoever said it was bad was incorrect. At least, for the second one. Haven't played the first, but I've heard good things about the game.

    I can't decide. I want to become a vegetarian when I move out, but I also want to be able to have bacon and sausage whenever I want. Decisions.
    I RP a lot too. I write at the very least two pages in the RP district a day.

    Anyway, I have played it, I think, but not much. Why? I don't play many FPSes. Most of them are all the same. Bioshock and Fallouts 3 and New Vegas are the ones I play. Also sometimes Halo.
    I consider myself good relative to people my age. Of course, I'm biased. But then, my english teacher often tells me that my writing skills impress her. I got a prompt like that to! I didn't exaggerate either. I wrote about my life as a space marine who fought demons.
    We sometimes get prompts, although it's really more a suggestion. The only actual rule is that it you should be prepared to read it in front of the teacher. A chick once brought a Hetalia yaoi in. Hm...Maybe I should write one?
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