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  • I'm worried that I might forget (it's happened before), so in case that happens again...I guess this is an early "Happy Birthday." ^^;
    Hello, I have returned to the forums! while it was updating I decided to take a little break off of it and just relax and hang out with my friends. Then I decided to make a 3DS Fan page on Facebook yesterday and I got 8 likes YAY (i wish it was more lol like my Pokemon Fan Page on Facebook oh well :( ) How have you been doing ? I haven't talked to you since may 8th :( I am such a bad friend. I hope all has been well with you and I hope you reply soon so I have someone to talk to. Thank you for being my friend. ~Love Laura~ Playing 3DS game - Nintendogs + cats:French Bull Dog version! Keep being awesome.

    {P.S} Do you own a 3DS?
    It sure is...how else could 5+5=5?

    Pretty much! When you're as big as us, there's nothing you cant do! :D

    Haha thats awesome! Did you still have your Kiwi accent, though, coz that wouldve sounded weird on a PPG.

    Not sure if that was an insult or not... :p

    Yaaaaaay!! *high-twenties*
    I see... :< Well at least you're back now :D But I can't stay and chat, sadly. I'll also be gone when you're online tomorrow, so...yeah. :/
    Look, it's been another few months! That means I've returned again. For now. :p

    You wanted to claim N and the dark type guy? Well, I don't care for dark types at all (must be reflex from when i used to use a lot of psychic types in RBY and got shocked moving into GSC), but at least he's an E4 member. Why would you want N? He's inhuman. :p

    Ah. Yeah, I know how it is to be busy. That's one of the reasons I'm rarely around here. Do let me know whenever you do get a chance to read it, though!
    Well that's the thing, whenever I drive in dreams there are always people in the car, and I never have control. We always somehow escape death, but I think that's only because we're all invincible.

    Mmkay, I have juicyfruit, trident or 5.

    Hurrah! Holiday over now?

    Uhhm, my favourite was the yellow variant of 5 that I got free through a magazine coupon in America.
    Pretty much like that. I wonder if somewhere along the line I didn't become god and require a massive filing cabinet that springs outta nowhere.

    Richness won't take long, you're gonna be designing buildings for tsars, kings, emperors, glorious leaders, spacemen and deities soon.

    Malcolm in the Middle eh? Well that sounds alright, I guess it beats having to keep travelling from one side to another when it gets too hot/cold. Nope, nothing came out ;_;

    Aww, poor, chilly Blaah *hugs*
    Do you know if it's a popular destination for skiing etc.?

    P.S. I'm likely to stop coming here fairly soon so we may not talk again. Thankyou for your friendship, and I'll be glad to exchange emails if you want to stay in touch.
    Right Now I am getting dressed because we are going out to breakfast for mothers day. THen i am coming home making a cake for my mom and just hanging out probably going to play pokemon or my 3ds :)

    What are you up to?
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