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  • Are you part of the legendary ATRL? I never had noticed your title, and your slip about another forum with pop culture got me curious...
    GOD, NO. ATRL is way too butthurt and strict. Even more so than this place. No, I was part of Exhale and Piece Of Pop. I left both sites last month, though. My friends were fighting with each other all over both sites and I was officially done with it all.
    I'm not accustomed to either of those, but I can understand leaving. If you need a good forum for just music appreciation, UKMiX is my other home base. I've always tried joining ATRL but it's a nightmare just to register, but some of my friends have told me about it's policies haha
    Exhale's mostly about Britney Spears, and Piece Of Pop splintered off from Exhale and is mostly a no-holds-barred forum. Anything goes. I've never wanted to be on ATRL, my friends say it's STIFLING.
    I require a friend safari with an Ivysaur, so that I am able to capture one with it's Hidden Ability. Would you mind adding me in order to achieve this goal?
    No problem. I got a larvitar and pupitar and some other amazing trades today. I did trade away some mons but i decided to get some good karma for when i actually want to start breeding. I am trying to get the mons i want for BBL. I hope you see my latest blog called Special Event. The manectric i am trading away was the one i used throughout the whole game but to rack up karma points i gotta let it go. I also recieved the kecleon i wonder traded last night in a wonder trade this morning. ANd i wonder how many people my Poocheyena named Ebola and Magikarp named Flu Virus reached.
    Hi BlackButterfree. Would it be ok to exchange FCs for the Friend Safari? Mine is a Water Safari and contains Azumarill, Floatzel and Panpour (FC: 3050-7657-8174). Thanks in advance!
    That actually a good philosophy to live by, the gay slang notwithstanding. I feel that people in general need to be a bit more honest about themselves and to each other, you know what I mean?
    Say BlackButterfree, how did you come up the title of "Pokémon Truth Tea Pourer"? I'm curious.
    Mine too! i've always used a Butterfree in my team in any generation. I think it's perfect already :p
    You're the first other person i see who uses Butterfree on their team, you're awesome, hahaha.
    could i have the Pokeball viv, i can get you a genesect with shiny stone and everything and im on now
    Friend code:0061-0809-4165 trainer name:Hayden, i am on around 1;00-3;00 Pm GMT-6 time
    Oh. Okay. But Sableye and Mawile are still alone, unless their Mega Evolutions are like parents. I suppose you could really relate all or almost all Pokémon to each other.
    Your sig talks about how Pokémon without evolutionary lines seem lonely, and you want them to get evolutions. Pachirisu has no evolutionary family, so it's lonely.
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