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  • It isn't going to be; the thread was just for the pre-release period. Now that the games are out all the information/content from the games will be added to Bulbapedia.
    I apologize if I seemed like I was coming hard on you, but enough is enough with Kanto lol And I do see your point. But, again what usually push people in this fandom is passion so you could understand why a lot of people would get mad whn Kanto is blatantly being rammed down our throats. Oh and I love butterfree.
    By the way, something just came to mind. Since I'm already planning a starter breeding project, would you like a egg from any of the starters that you won't be using? I'm gonna be breeding all three starters for other players, so if you'd like to hitch a ride on the egg-spress, you're welcome to. *shot for terrible pun* Just drop me a line and I'll put you down for any egg(s) you'd like. Later.
    No worries - if you see the notifications at the top you'll probably see a message indicator that I sent you a PM - however, I'll give you the info here too - I added you on the 3DS - my FC is 3711-8003-2965 so feel free to add me back. Also - less then 3 days woo!
    Heheh, I knew I forgot someone. That's what I get for doing something "creative" when my sleeping meds kick in. It's fixed now. Thanks for the reminder of my favorite female Duel Monster (though, I'm surprised I forgot!).
    Ooh, so sorry about that. I'm also a member on BreatheHeavy (a Britney Spears fan forum) and it's kind of customary to post a GIF in every single post. But I'll limit it to when it's
    necessary. Sorry…
    Hey, I'll just clarify here: it's not against the rules to use gifs, but using them in every post is excessive. Also some users have slower internet connections, and lots of gifs can cause lag/crashing of their computers when trying to load them, which doesn't help them either. It's best to onlu use a gif every now and then when appropriate, rather than in lots of posts.
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