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  • Found something again: that piano piece from DP173 is actually "Movie 4 BGM - Yukinari Pokémon Sketchbook" (name from PM's database, of course).
    The two tracks from DP191 that you have marked as possibly being from Movie 12 do not originate from the movie, as they never played in it, and neither do they fit its musical style. They're BW tracks that got to play in DP because of the TR scenes foreshadowing their role in BW. Moreover, I'm not sure they're separate tracks at all, given how often they play together in BW. But we can't be sure until they get released.
    P.S: It's funny how Bulbapedia claims that Movie 12 music played at the end of DP when it never did. They've gotta check their ears better before deceiving people like that.
    I found out that "Movie 10 Unused BGM - Pokémon in the Garden of Gaudy B" wasn't actually unreleased at all! It starts 19 seconds through the track "Alice and Tonio". Oh, and a late happy birthday! :D
    Thanks a lot. Made all the changes in the database accordingly, which can now be viewed in the Unreleased Tracks page in the site.
    I'll try to take charge and register all the unreleased movie tracks myself from now on, like in Movie 11, as the Movie 9 tracking wasn't made by me.

    Also, can you find out whether the track "Movie 9 Unused BGM - Evil Under the Sea" actually played in the movie? I'd appreciate it much.
    Ah, we actually discussed that at PocketMonsters.net back when I was doing the first episode it played in ("The Crystal Onix", in Orange Islands).
    At first I was undecided whether it should be classified as a BGM, or as a mere sound effect, so I asked for Sunain's advice. She told me that it was very short and "didn't have a musical theme or melody" (something like that), which was the main requirement for any set of instruments to be considered a music. I agreed, and we have dismissed it since as being "a sound effect".
    OMG, thanks so much! The beginning of that section had a lot of noise, that's why I could never connect it with that "unused" track. Also, we (PocketMonsters.net) tend to consider all sections equal if they have a similar theme and play one after each other. Now we know better :D
    No problem, I don't control things that you post in your own blog, nor I want to :) You could certainly use your free time to advance your own project- Just remember that you'll have to watch the movies 11 onwards and register their unreleased tracks, since they're always played in the series. Plus, I'm still going to do the things at my pace.
    I'm doing the DP090-DP091 this Thursday and Movie 11 starting from Friday. The movies usually take a few hours each, while each episode is done in 45-70 minutes. I really believe I'm on the right track now, but do as you want.
    I had lots of stuff going on with my life and other excuses to not continue the music project. I also started to attend college, which would in theory make me have less time to devote to the project. However, I also realized that I've wasted lots of time in the summer due to not having any work or student obligations. Now, however, I created a detailed and personal schedule that want to follow strictly for each week (for this semester, of course, as it's only going to get more demanding with each next one) that includes a fixed time devoted to Pokémon BGM (around 8 hours each week), which will help me to finally continue the progress I've made until now.
    Sorry for this pause. I really enjoy assigning the music, if not simply for its knowledge and statistic value, and finish works that I start, it's just that in the meantime I got other interests that temporarily jumped into the top of the priorities' list.
    Hopefully this time you don't screw something up :p Don't take this as an insult.

    I'm very busy at the moment, that's why I'm advancing slowly through DP. But I will complete it.

    On another note, hopefully the BGM directors make the music from Kanto to Sinnoh, first 11 movies and the first 6 shorts return in its full glory in BW2. But I imagine they'll be having a hard time with a number of tracks of around 1000.
    Uhhhhh, I don't remember questioning your Englsih, and I genuinely didn't know your country of origin until somebody told me.
    That's great, even though I'm bummed that you didn't include the tracks not played in the dub and that you still have "Rocket Gang" written instead of "Team Rocket".
    Damn, I have to pick up the pace, I've been stopped at the beginning of DP for way too long!
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