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Recent content by Blanco Madness

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    GEN VI: Shiny Dragalge

    Offering shiny Dragalge pokemon I'm looking for :Shiny houndour, honedge, tyrunt, goomy.
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    Rumour thread (SPOILERS - ALLEGED LEAKS)

    So decided to count all the pokemon since revealed, there are 53, but putting into account likely evolutionary stages for pokemon that could possibly have them, like skrelp, clauncher, noivern etc. that number can easily get past 60. That would mean there are less than 10 new pokemon left to be...
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    Rumour thread (SPOILERS - ALLEGED LEAKS)

    Does anybody know if the rumor that there are only 70 new pokemon total in the game is confirmed? I will be extremely disappointed if that is the case. Maybe the leaker meant 70 new pokemon in each pokedex? coastal, mountain, and central(?)
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    CoroCoro Thread (Not for XY Anime Discussion)

    Re: CoroCoro Discussion Thread im not going to be relieved until I get my copy and evolve fennekin. Then my fear will be put to rest
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    CoroCoro Thread (Not for XY Anime Discussion)

    Re: CoroCoro Discussion Thread i'm just going to lose it if it becomes fire/fighting. That's why im freaking out
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    CoroCoro Thread (Not for XY Anime Discussion)

    Re: CoroCoro Discussion Thread Fennekin's evo stands up. Dear god it's just like tepig into pignite all over again
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    Team Flare Discussion/Speculation

    I think team flare has the potential to actually be an actually evil team this time around. I think they share more in common with team rocket, with them both being willing to do anything for money. Team rocket's greed led them to do terrible things, to pokemon and people, so if team flare...
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    Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    I hope that there is a lot more mystery with the legendaries this generation. I remember playing Ruby and stumbling across the sky pillar, having no idea what was at the top of it. Or wandering around the bottom of the sea, only to rise up into a strange cave with strange writing. I feel like a...
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    Mega Evolution

    Re: Mega Evolution Discussion Well I am excited for these, although I don't really think giving Lucario an attack boost AND adaptability was a good idea
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    Hello again

    Somehow I remembered my username and password for this site. I haven't been here in two years. Well hello again, I used to go by kalishnakov here, figured I should my name. Anyway, x and y have me amped again, hopefully some of my old friends will say hello, and maybe I can make some new ones.
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    Confirmed Information Thread

    I just noticed something. In my copy of black I caught a shikijika in spring, and today it turned to summer, so I took my shikijika out of the pc, battled with it and even evolved it, and it didnt change to summer form. So I went to catch another shikijika, and it was in summer form. I guess you...
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    What ridiculously common thing can't you do.

    I cant whistle, snap my fingers, or make armpit farts
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    New PokeBall Mechanic?

    it happened with me, except i threw a net ball at the first kurumiru i found in the game.
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    Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)

    Re: Black and White Help thread ;A; well thanks for the clarification i guess. Looks i'll be looking some more -____-
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    Black and White Help thread (Read First Post)

    Re: Black and White Help thread >.< i know that, but is there a specific spot in the electric cave? Because i was in there FOR HOURS.