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  • lol don't worry, my game is fine, it doesn't seem to be damaged at all :D

    * the "man on the roof" doesn't seem to be in the French version, i checked twice and he didn't appear either time.
    * it does say "Shop" in the French version, though i know it also says "Shop" in the Japanese version (i have that too 8D) so i think it's only the English version that actually changed it (which is weird, because "Shop" makes just as much sense in English)
    * unfortunately I've already taken TM49 so i can't double-check to see if the error's in the game. :/ they are usually named "CT", though. i may have totally missed the error just because i'm so used to the English term - i almost missed a Biker saying "No future!" in English just because i'm so accustomed to reading in English.
    Hey man, I finally got to Cinnabar Island XD anyways I tried the old man glitch, but it doesn't seem to work. The first time I tried, I saw a lv. 28 Tangela and then when I encountered a second wild Pokémon, it froze. The second time I tried, it froze on the first wild Pokémon. The third time, I saw a Hypno lv. 132, and then it froze on the second wild Pokémon. Because of the Hypno, I think the bug hasn't necessarily been fixed, but it freezes whenever a Missingno. or 'M is encountered. Thanks for waiting for my slow playing ^^'
    I've never tried trading 'cuz i'm too scared to XD. You make a good point in your topic that French/Spanish/et al would have fewer problems because of the same character set... but I'm still too chicken. :p i may try eventually, but idk.

    and re: cinnabar - i'm getting there, i just beat erika. :)
    Sorry I've been taking so long ^^' I'm around Rock Tunnel right now, so I should be there soon enough. Sorry to keep you waiting! And i'll check the other glitch too once I get there. :)
    I think it's a bit of both. Because I always see many of them on the forums when they can spend their time of 'Teca at least making stubs...
    I thought the same thing, but when I was working on the "Pokemon in France" and "Pokemon in Germany" articles I noticed that they had different release dates, so maybe release dates weren't quite as standardized in the 1990s? :S Anyways, I'll let you know ASAP. Sorry for making you wait haha. ^^'
    Haha I actually haven't gotten that far yet. :X I only got the French version of the game a little while ago and I'm only in Vermilion City... but I will let you know ASAP! Sorry! D:
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