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Blazing Charmander
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  • Hi there mate, i gave you reply on your messages through PM due to character limit thing visitor mesaging has. Suppressing me in giving you proper answer.

    Hope my perhaps abit long text will make up for it giving you enjoyable read. If not than i apologize for being caught in a moment writing more than needed. :p
    To see on screen her developing new, creative strategy, go through struggles, see her in action moving things forward with her headstrong, adventurous personality having femonine and curious, brash side to her and battling. Some reasonable arc with length of 20 to 25 episodes(she deserves at very least that).
    Afterwards having Ash encounter Misty as one of his opponent discovering she succeeded in being promoted to E4 member. Being overwhelmed and astonished of having to face Misty being nice call back to fierce battle they had in Whirl Cup.

    Her story never received closure and many people bring up very, very strong case of there existing potential to be done a lot more with her character, unexplored fears and issues(ill list just two of many examples;Surskit both big and water pokemon opening pandora box of character going through struggle and selfquestioning with her prejudices getting a way of accepting it having to learn how to get over her despise making massive step forward as trainer, or introduction of parents who could be high class water trainers with Misty feeling resentment over abandoning her and sisters at very young age having to grow up fast while being insecure and fearing of not meting up their expectations becoming rebelious in wanting to prove them wrong). Shippers would say there is that romantic angle to character too which was also left wide unanswered regarding main protagonist.

    I imagine as first pokegirl she at very least deserves some longer appearance in flesh for 5 to 8 episodes after what, 8 full years of absence?
    Not saying others dont too(i would like that May, Maxm, Brock etc returns). Though speaking of character who was longest absent from having any speaking role or seeing light of the day well that is Misty.
    I will be fine, but thank you for your concern. Thats very thoughtful and kind from you. Eceonomy over here is pretty bad too, im lucky when i get free-lance job for few weeks or in best case months. Everthing went to hell in my country over past few years with money deficit, greedy incompetent politicians which think more of their own benefit rather than pulling out country from bad situiation and many company ending in bancrupt due to being robbed leaving thousands of people out of job. Most employers dont want to hire you permanently which can be frustrating , but im not giving up still trying to find stable place where i can advance and have more balanced, financially secure future. Wishing you from all my heart that you succeed in doing same my friend. :)

    Speaking of references to past i never asked you this directly, but is there any of past characters you would like to return to main cast? Or at least for semi permanent return like season or two?
    Not sure if you encountered this before, but i noticed that many people say how becoming E4, taken as some powerful water trainer apprentice(like Lorelei) would be nice material for sequel arc and good way to wrap up Misty character being as closest as shes possibly going to get in achievement of her dream of becoming water pokemon master. Given how E4 are best trainers which use one type in world being labeled as type masters in games. We could see Misty joining Ash on her journey to go through rigirous training, battle evaluatirs and enter tournaments having to face obstacles in company of her friends while going in same direction.

    It would be kinda nice to enjoy in her character and evolution of friendship with Ash and others emembering good times,have their moments of playful teasing each other or getting irritated by their actions going on each other nerves(Ash managed to anger her right of the bat in Hoenn lol). While showing appreciation and happiness to see each other after so long.
    Hi mate, been a looong time i got heard from you. Compliments on bringing some much needed life to anime section with very intereting topic about more attention to past in attempt of strengthening continuity. While making it more exciting thanks to such small but very appreciated nods and possible unexpected surprises.

    Hope your doing alright. With me things werent that good lately, had pretty rough streak. But thats part of life as well i guess making you gaiu new experience and find strength in coping with obstacles and bad moments put infront of you, in order to move forward and come out as stronger out of it. ;-)
    It does feel like XY is intended to pick up from the end of DP. Just look at how Ash looks like conpared to BW and what he was at the end of DP.

    Perhaps Best Wishes is being retconnes as an alternate continuity.
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