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Blazing Charmander

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  • I don't have the eye for photography. I like putting my imagination to use with writing... but as a "for fun" thing. I hate doing essays and things like that. Probably why I'm a Sociology major, heh.

    Well, the co-author and I have discussed a lot about the story before we started writing. I can say that involves our (being my co-author and I) favorite character going off to Orre after being handed a McGuffin. Hilarity ensues.
    It's a shame that laziness tends to ruin much of our aspirations.

    As for writing, I still do it; thankfully much better than my first attempts all those years ago. I'm currently working on a co-op project with another SPPf Veteran.
    I've considered going back to read it, but I've been really lazy. I may do it over winter vacation, but then I'd get nostalgia overload...

    I don't seem to recall you doing a lot of fan-fic writer, come to think of it.
    I think I did, pretty much: the whole reason I joined SPPf way back when is because of Water Spirit's fan-fiction that she was working. The rest, as they say, is history... although part of me wishes I could go back to those days and relive them again...
    I do know that I plan to have my kids learn type match-ups first thing, among other mechanics. I'll probably start them with OS, because Kris will want our kids to be Pokeshippers regardless.
    I think it's highly unlikely for me to ever move on from Pokemon: it'll be a part of my life forever. My kids will either love me or hate me...

    I read a comment a while back saying that the series is going to grow and change whether we like it or not, so the fans have to be able to grow and change, as well. Sage advice, considering how freakin' AWESOME Pokemon is.
    Wouldn't that be cool? Although, I'm not sure how many people would still be on the Internet to participate... and you'd probably get veterans from places other than SPPf. I also haven't posted a lot on Serebii lately, at least since the Chessshipping thread went out of activity.

    I prefer it as a "Limit Break" rather than a supposed "fourth evolution", and I'm ignoring the whiny fans who complain that it's too much like Digimon. Then again, I ignore whiny fans regardless of what they say...
    Yeah, we're both very glad to be so much closer now. As for our Pokeshipping community, I still keep in touch with gladdecease and EXP:282, among others. Granted it's not the same as the old thread, but after all this time we have to take what we can get.

    I like the MegaEvolutions, but I feel that it's causing problems because of the name, which is rather misleading because they're more like forme changes. I do like the "Limit Break" aspect, though.
    DragonMaster, fool! FOOOOOL. Ahem.. anyways... yes, time has made fools of us all, but Pokemon is keeping us young. I've been alright, getting through college and all that. Still together with Kris (MistyMix89); she's actually moved out to California, so that's great. As of now, just waiting for October and X/Y!
    Sometimes when I think I can't find any SPPf old-timers, I get proven wrong... though not as often as I'd like.

    This is DM13 from way back when, older and (supposedly) wiser! How ya doing, BC?
    Cool and Since I Will be in Africa on Friday I will be having good weather and I Will be away from this for a Week and a Half this will be fun. Oh Yeah, I forgot to tell YA That I am going to Kenya in Africa for a while so I will miss U Man.
    Yeah, but I don't know how much longer I'll last with the anime, to be honest. :p

    Despite Takuto being such a bad way to end the Shin'ou League, I was proud that Satoshi managed to take down two legendary Pokemon with his entire team, whereas no one else in the League could. It showed how much progress he made and that the writers couldn't think of any way to take down Satoshi besides using legendaries. It was quite the bummer when they took a U-turn and stripped that pride away from him by making him lose to a total rookie in the Isshu League. Don't get me started with Satoshi definitely not being ten before BW. And, I didn't like how Hikari joined Iris with her "Just a kid" antics during her return arc. I mean, I guess I don't mind Iris doing it that much, but Hikari would never do that because she should know very well how competent of a human being Satoshi is. Sometimes this makes me want to consider the first four generations of the anime in its own separate universe. Best Wishes is just some weird parallel universe where Satoshi never beat two legendaries, Hikari and Shirona never had a competent Satoshi to base their opinions off of, the original Mewtwo never existed, Lizardon isn't useful at all, etc.

    Us Pokeshippers haven't had anything to shout about since AG! :p
    What about the lure? :p
    Have U liked Charizard's other Appearances in BW Or have they not been as Great as His Return Episode Man.
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