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Recent content by ~ Blazing White Yang

  1. ~ Blazing White Yang

    The Chibi-style of the game. Like or Hate

    I don't quite mind how the Chibi characters look, but I'm more disappointed in the 1-to-1 design approach for the world. ORAS had chibi character models, but it was also something of a reimagining. The old Cave of Origin for example was this tiny pool of water, surrounded by sapphire...
  2. ~ Blazing White Yang

    Your favorite 'obscure' character

    That Rocket grunt with the funny accent, who went off to Unova and turned his whole life around. "Bye-bye a go-go!"
  3. ~ Blazing White Yang

    What are your game headcanons?

    One of my favorite headcanons for XY is that Xerneas created the Winding Woods. "The Pokémon known as Xerneas used its shining horns to illuminate the lands of Kalos. At that very moment, people and Pokémon throughout the land felt great energy and vitality surge through their bodies. At the...
  4. ~ Blazing White Yang

    How should Pokemon cries sound?

    I like the voices in Pokken Tournament. They sound a-lot more natural to me than the whole "speaking their own name" thing. Of course Pikachu is an outlier, because Ikue Ohtani's voice has become so iconic (though she actually performs for Librechu at a different pitch since it's a girl, which...
  5. ~ Blazing White Yang

    Your controversial opinions

    Kalos' smaller roster of Pokemon is actually my favorite by far. Most of them had some kind of gimmick or unique design traits to set them apart. Vivillon at first glance looks like its just another Butterfree clone, but having a different pattern based on your geographical location made it...
  6. ~ Blazing White Yang

    Favorite Mega?

    I love nearly all of them, but Mega Altaria is my favorite. The new design is simple but positively adorable. Its new stats are extremely well balanced, and allow Altaria can take full advantage of an already fantastic movepool. Dragon Dance sets are more viable, Pixilate Hyper Voice is a-lot of...
  7. ~ Blazing White Yang

    Dynamax: Thoughts, Feelings, or Concerns

    It's interesting to me that they've condensed a-lot of the more recent, game defining Battle mechanics into this one feature...A Dynamax Pokemon can set up Terrain, summon Weather, use a 'Z-Move', and some of them can even transform like a Mega Evolution. Being able to Dynamax anything on your...
  8. ~ Blazing White Yang

    What do you value in a Pokemon Game?

    I really value having a healthy bit of silence in Pokemon games...I enjoy it the most when I can see the world, talk to people, and get a feel for the culture or themes without a-lot of intrusion. Another thing I love to have is outlets for battle. Specifically, in-game areas where you can go...
  9. ~ Blazing White Yang

    There are petitions about Gamefreak fixing the 'Galar Pokedex' thing

    I wouldn't mind it so much if the jump in quality were more substantial. Maybe if the Battles resembled that old PBR footage, or if the models were more refined and detailed like in Pokken...But things look the same as they did on 3DS. It's hard for me to believe that this is some necessary...
  10. ~ Blazing White Yang

    Dynamax: Thoughts, Feelings, or Concerns

    It certainly has a whimsical charm to it. But I can't say I'm a fan of this continued string of Battling gimmicks. I thought Mega Evolution was cool, for the chance to see enhanced stats, new designs, changes in Ability, Typings, and occasionally an updated movepool. Z-Moves and now Dynamaxing...
  11. ~ Blazing White Yang

    Name a bigger downgrade than this.

    Going from this... To this... Completely destroyed years of excellent Dual-Screen functionality. Rest in pieces...
  12. ~ Blazing White Yang

    Mega Evolutions/Regional variants/Z-moves

    Galar Variant Aegislash. They have to.
  13. ~ Blazing White Yang

    What was the Worst addition to the Games?

    Rotom Dex is the worst in my opinion. We lost the PSS, DexNav, Super Training, and other 2nd screen apps so we could have a lone map on the bottom screen (in a linear, story driven game, where you really can't get lost, even if you want to). And unlike previous games, XY or ORAS for example, you...
  14. ~ Blazing White Yang

    Spoilers What do you NOT like about LGPE?

    I'm overall not bothered by their decisions too remove certain game mechanics since this game is sort of an offshoot of the main series, but removing Abilities while keeping Mega Evolutions is really odd. A-lot of Megas are basically defined by their new abilities, and stripping that away makes...