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  • Your free shiny Pokemon is ready. I will be adding trade times to the first post of the thread either tonight or tomorrow.
    Umm if you really want you can trade me a second fodder with a TM. I'll go rename your Scytha'
    Sure, I'll get it nicknamed. I don't really need any TMs badly, so how about I just attach the Metal Coat to it and trade it over, and you can attach a replacement Coat to whatever you trade me?

    Edit: Are you sure you want Cut Man, it's a female xD

    Exact IVs are: 17/31/27/19/17/31
    Hey, let me know if this one is OK or if you'd like me to try again: Female Adamant Technician 10-19/31/20-29/10-19/10-19/31, I can get more exact IVs later.
    Fair enough. Like I said, I'll try to breed a few here and there and hopefully I'll get something good. Switched to Misdreavus now :3
    Hey man, I've been trying to breed a Scytha for you between other projects, but nothing yet. I'll keep trying a little here and there. All the best ones seem to have Swarm >:[
    Oh, thanks for letting me know. That makes sense.

    I wonder if it be boring of me to look at the topics with sigs disabled to see which users tend to disable them.

    Yeah probably....
    I was just hovering your page, and I saw a little thing in your VM's.

    Some people choose to disable the viewing of sigs in threads when they do create a thread. You can't override it.
    No, I've checked everything. On the reply page, in the options in the CP, and I know I HAVE a sig because it shows elsewhere.

    I believe it may be the HGSS forum (or at least that topic), as I've yet to see anyone else's sig there either.
    I'm pretty sure your signature is not showing because you probably have "Show your signature" unticked. You should find that option on the bottom of a Reply page in "Miscellaneous Options".

    Hope I helped :)
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