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  • Well, the most recent Pokemon I've bred are Haxorus and Gyarados (the one that took me a while to bred). I know they won't do anything to make up for my Stealth Rock problem, but hey, I felt like breeding those two, so why not? While we are on this topic, how long does it normally take you to finish your breeding sessions?
    Whew, thanks! Well, I can understand that you can't interact with every single person who asks you to do something with them. Not everyone has the time, after all. Anyhow, I finished the breeding session I did last time (and man, was it a long one), so I should be able to battle with you if I am not busy with something in-game.
    How's it goin', Blue Cobra? I noticed that you wanted to battle me earlier today. Well, sorry for not accepting that offer, but I was too busy breeding at the moment to have a battle. I hope you don't mind.
    Yeah I could see it being a Tutor Move. While we're at it give it Gunk Shot too XD If it doesn't get that much speed then I'll have to give it sticky web support. Im pretty sure they gave Beedrill a mega to handle some more pesky Fairies...
    M-Beedrill I could see going to at least UU. With Knock Off/X-Scissor/U-Turn and Poison Jab it could have some fun with the Adaptability boost :D M-Pidgeot could spam Hurricane for days. There's also Heat Wave for steel types. Shame they don't have a large enough movepools though. Although TBH I'm excited for M-Sharpedo! The set I was using earlier was amazing XD
    Haha I was trying to find more yellow pokemon on my PC but I only have Galvantula, Manectric, Mawile, Ninetales and Leavanny/Victreebel :p
    GG! Sorry this took so long I had to get the laundry from outside because it waa raining XD anyway I'll go pick a new team then I'll send a battle request!
    Hi! I forgot you sent me a challenge... Anyway I'll be free for the next 3 days if you wanna have this battle! Not now though, I'm still in class XD
    Yes, I do breed Pokemon. Mostly for collection reasons, though. However, I did some breeding in order to get that Charizard you battled before. Even though I didn't get to use it much in our two battles, I am still satisfied with how it performed.
    Here we go. This should make things easier to follow. Anyways, your Galvantula sure seems powerful if it is able to sweep three Pokemon in a row. When did you meet this Galvantula?
    I am available for a gym battle anytime in the afternoon and evening (GMT-5).
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