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Recent content by Blue Dragon

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    Blue Dragon's Art Shop

    Yes it is, but still don't have a working program to complete requests. Please wait a little while. Also I have a full set of requests outstanding (and backlogged for that matter D:).
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    Blue Dragon's Art Shop

    Accepted. - Now a full list. Please wait ^^
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    Blue Dragon's Art Shop

    Accepted. Accepted.
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    Blue Dragon's Art Shop

    No problem. You can post it again at any time, as long as the list isn't full ^^ Update: DarknessRuler Did you still want the 2nd banner to be completed?
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    Blue Dragon's Art Shop

    Update: Completed, sent the link via VM and placed it here for reference. http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa231/BlueAngel888/Bishie_zpsfd543faa.png All accepted. ^^
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    Blue Dragon's Art Shop

    Hi thanks yes I'm accepting orders, but I have been offline a little while myself. Please feel free to post in a request ^^
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    Have you ever completed a Pokémon game with all three starters in your party?

    No I haven't done that before, but I have used two starters from different generations in a play-through. Although I really like the idea, so maybe I will do it in Pokemon X&Y.
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    Pokemon Game Rituals

    I definitely save twice, or three times, even though I know I have saved previously. It's more of an OCD kind of thing to be honest.
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    Hardest Battle?

    I would say the first play-through in Pokemon Red's Pokemon League. Of course now it seems easy, but back then it was the first experience of a Pokemon League challenge. Because of this I wasn't prepared with enough support items and my Pokemon were slightly under leveled.
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    Favourite Legendary

    Re: FAV0RITE LEGENDARY Suicune is my absolute favourite I would say. It's shrouded in mystery, grace, and beauty, which are all the qualities in a legendary Pokemon I would like to see.
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    Blue Dragon's Art Shop

    Hi Akinai I didn't accept the list in April because my waiting list was full at the time. I only accept requests, when there is an open slot. I can accept your request now and add you because there is a slot open. Would you like me to add you? ^^ Update: Completed, sent the link via VM and...
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    Blue Dragon's Art Shop

    I'm not sure what you are requesting. Please use the forms I have provided in future. The list is full now because the below requests, so please wait before requesting. Thank You. Accepted will be done soon. Update: Completed sent the link via VM and placed it here for reference...
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    Was the first Pokemon game you played your favorite?

    My first was Red, but It's not my favourite. I think the game that gave me the most joy as a child was Yellow, which was the third Pokemon game I played, and the one that really got me hooked on the franchise.
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    What do you do with your starter?

    Re: What do you do wih your starter? There have been some gems like Blaziken, Swampert, Empoleon etc., that I have found extremely useful. If they are going to work for me in competitive play later on, then I will use them all the way in my teams. If I know they are not going to be useful later...
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    Blue Dragon's Art Shop

    Please wait a while. I have a full set of requests. ^^