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  • Oooh, I see. Well, nothing I know of, lol. Actually, I was curious because I have a friend whose username is actually exactly yours: Blue Harvest. Two completely different people. Haha, don't know what to say.

    And, whoa, didn't notice that before, haha. May 25, what a coincidence!
    Hello! Kinda random, but how did you come up with your username? Just curious. It's pretty. =D
    Considering the thread got closed, I just wanted to respond to your "That's a bit random isn't it? I wouldn't think to go into the Poke Mart after beating Falkner unless I needed something." comment. Remember how you get event things within the game, you go to the Pokemon Mart and that delivery guy gives you it, I think that's why they chose the Poke mart, because anything "extra" you get is obtained from the Poke mart. That's also how your mother gives you things when she buys something. From the delivery guy in the Poke mart.
    "I'm down with Wobbuffet being the mascot actually. Poor thing has been rather under appreciated, even though it is pretty useless in battle. Someone should totally photoshop a Pokemon game cover with Wobbuffet on it."
    You said that right? In the Dunsaprce thread. Well I made a game cover with Wobbuffet on it, so how about you go check it out? Its in the thread.
    Yeah, I have so many things that I want to try out: Hair Stylist,Actress, Voice Actress, Comic Book Artist, Photographer... the list goes on, really!
    Maybe I should concertate on going to Collage, although I do not know what I want to be first.
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