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Recent content by Blue Harvest

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    Maybe he come up with it the same way I did. Coincidence? Yeah probably :p

    Maybe he come up with it the same way I did. Coincidence? Yeah probably :p
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    Family Guy's take on Star Wars episode IV. Omg you have the same birthday as me!

    Family Guy's take on Star Wars episode IV. Omg you have the same birthday as me!
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    Most unexpected capture in DP?

    Chimchar was the most unexpected for me because Ash already had Turtwig and Dawn had Piplup, we didn't expect Ash to have two starters when it made more sense for him to have all three or just one. And as Paul had Chim in the beginning I thought for sure Ash would catch a Magby and evolve it all...
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    Differences in versions

    That is seriously the greatest idea ever, but it is a little flawed. The trainers and gym leaders of the past would be completely different to the ones of the future. How about this? Just after you choose your starter, Team Time (or something equally cheesy) completes a time machine, which...
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    Things that should go away/be changed

    Re: Things that should go away. Please, no Zubats. Zubat should be Nat Dex only for Gen V. Every time I see one I die a little inside :(
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    3-d pokemon

    I'd be happy with a roaming camera for the overworld, like the ability to move it 360* degrees and directly behind your character. For battles I'd love to see full 3D with directly controllable Pokemon, but not on the DS. A Wii game with that though, yes please.
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    New Evos/Prevos + Eeveelution poll

    Re: New Eeveelutions? They'll only stop when there's one for every type. I'm hoping for Ground, Fighting and maybe a Normal for Gen V.
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    Which of Ash's Sinnoh pokemon do you see leaving the main cast after the League ?

    It depends on what the filler saga is. If he takes on the Elite 4 as many people expect then he'll use every Pokemon he has so everyone except Pikachu will be Oaked even for a little while. If there's another BF I see him taking Pika, Staraptor and Gible (along with the Johto starters) and...
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    What is your opinion on Ash releasing Pokemon?

    I don't see the point of Ash putting so much effort into training only to let someone else finish the job, especially with the latest release. The only reason the writers did this is so he can get Gible and avoid having two ground types on the same team. Terrible writing, just terrible. Of...
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    Favorite Pokemon evolution episode?

    Chimchar and Gligar, although the dub ruined the latter with crappy music.
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    What will be Ash's choice for his last Gym Challenge?

    Pikachu, Grotle, Monferno, Gliscor/Gible I wouldn't be surprised if he uses Staraptor or Buizel though. This is Ash we're talking about :p
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    Who should Ash replace?

    As much as I hate to say it, probably Gliscor. If he was to Oak say, Staraptor, then he has two ground types on the team. If Grotle evolves that'd make it three. I don't think the writers are about to make Ash a ground type specialist so Gliscor will be off to Oak's. But if they have it leave...
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    Ash gets a Gible! Wait he doesn't? Look here it says he does!

    IF Ash does still get a Gible, who says he'll use it right away? It'd probably be Oak'd until the filler saga starts and call it to his main team then, along with Cyndaquil and Totodile. Just because he catches a new Poke doesn't mean he'd use it right away. Remember Krabby and Muk? They were...
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    What would your reaction be if Ash lost the Sinnoh league?

    There is no reason Ash can't win the Sinnoh league and lose to the Elite 4, or win and then lose to Cynthia, and then still go to the Johto/Sinnoh Battle Frontier before going to the Gen V region. He wouldn't stop his journey just because he finally won a league. He'd want to challenge other...
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    Gold/Silver/Crystal batteries

    My Crystal works fine but Gold and Silver both erased their save files.