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  • Nice post! I was going to write basically the same but you beat me. xD

    I also want a new Animation Directors thread, or the old one re-opened. Hopefully our dear mods will hear our pleas...
    "Also.... I really want a new Animation Directors thread. ._."

    I'd be willing to read a case for a new one either through PM (where I'll share it with the other Anime mods and we'll all discuss what we think should be done) or the Developmental Forum.

    I'll note though that the old one was removed due to a lack of activity, and us starting to put Animation Director info into the preview threads. It will almost certainly need to be different in a way to get my own personal vote (though, the others may not have that standard).

    Hope that helps.
    I only visited for the place for the anime forum but after not keeping up much with the anime anymore, I don't feel any reason to go in there. :p
    They added a nice glow to the pokemon, something the original, first one didn't have ... and it does look better
    Well, there is Hara and Kazunoro Takahashi. Harahas done some episodes, linked here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7FEboaYdrM&feature=player_embedded) skip past that opening part, he didn't do that.

    Takahashi did this episode (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iQ8KPkuPbU&feature=player_embedded)

    But yeah, it is a bit faster than Pokemon style animation, but the good thing is how both use lighting effects well.

    Those CGI effects were pretty cool, especially the staircase. I just don't like the use of CGI in the BW opening. Seems a bit out of place compared to the rest of the anime.
    You got any samples from Pokemon openings? I am sorta used to the high octane power of Yugioh 5D openings, like this one
    That is by Kenichi Hara, who I think rivals big animation companies of Gainex on good episodes. Perhaps if I could compare this Iwane and his directed openings. (Of course, Pokemon has yet to combine CGI with hand drawn animation yet, too bad, it looks awesome when done right)
    I can't say this in the review thread because of the no VA talk rule. But anyway, the reason I hated "Lean Mean Team Rocket Machine" was because of how horrible the voice acting was....

    Seriously, I thought the voice acting was downright horrible in this episode. It sounded much worse than usual, in my opinion. Well, Sarah Natochenny always makes me cringe no matter what (because honestly, she can't bring Ash to life like Veronica can). But with this episode, I was also cringing because of Team Rocket. Ugh, the acting from Zoppi's James and Knotz' Jessie was horrible in this episode. >_<

    And when they recited the original motto...that was so horrible (compared to the original VAs, Eric Stuart and Rachael Lillis, who were simply AMAZING with the original motto). Overall, the drop in quality with the voice acting was very noticable in this episode. X_X
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