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    Stupidest thing you've ever done in game?

    Went to the 7th gym and only used it, died alot but felt that was part of the challenge :) Was thinking of putting Golurk into my party, is he any good / what moves?
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    FAQ: The Dream World- Official Discussion

    I don't have wi-fi, how does the dream world compare to the pokewalker?
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    What music are you currently listening to?

    Chevelle - A New Momentum
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    Stupidest thing you've ever done in game?

    First time I played pokemon and was battling Brock back in Yellow I saw his onix loved it and tried to catch it :D Then in Pokemon Diamond I saw a shiny Banette and killed it, then turned off my game and went o the same spot I found it trying to find it :( :D I can be such an idiot EDIT...
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    What Pokemon comes to mind for the person above you?

    Hmmmm, Lopunny colour wise anyway.
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    Zorua, Zoroark, Legendary, Mythical and Mirage Pokémon

    Of the people that said Zorua/Zoroark was a normal pokemon how many have one and are using this as an excuse to use it? btw I am.
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    Gold and Silver DS: Discussion, Debate, Wishlists

    It's going to be great going back to Johto. But if your party follows you, and in the released pics of the game where it shows Totodile taking up as much space as the charachter. What about big pokemon like Steelix, would they take up more than one space or what? please respond.