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  • Hi! I saw your code on the friend safari list and was wondering if you'd add me. FC: 3024-5588-6467. Thanks!
    In regards to your numbers (400-450, 500-550, 600) are they "the number of Pokémon you can catch in a single game without trading"? Or is it more "the number of Pokémon you can catch in a single Generation without relying on transfers from previous generations?"
    As far as Nintendo's extent of control over Pokémon, however, I still think Nintendo do have some control over the Pokémon games. Firstly, it is still the publisher and the copyright owner, albeit jointly with Game Freak. Secondly, there is a subsidiary of Nintendo called the Nintendo Software Planning & Development Division (SPD; see Wikipedia), which does take part in developing second-party games, and the Pokémon games are such cases. In addition, Satoshi Tajiri himself actually pitched his Pokémon concept (back in the early 1990s) to Nintendo itself. Theoretically, I think it is possible for Nintendo to reject a Pokémon game (and maybe it actually does).

    In practice on the other hand, Nintendo or its SPD may not have such powers over Game Freak anymore due to what ever updated agreement they may have. Or it may be exercising restraint over said executive powers (either voluntary, or otherwise). SPD may as well only be involved in 10-20% of developing the game for all that I know.

    I'm afraid I'll have to go to bed now. I'll write up my continuation tomorrow.
    What exactly does the number of Pokemon have to do with their Wi-Fi services?

    Nintendo needs a majority share in order to have that kind of control. They only own about a third of the company IIRC.
    Admittedly I think I've jumped the gun in my previous comments. I'm going to write my conversation here, if you don't mind.

    I should have said that I am hesitant to point the finger at GF (at least for the time being) when they introduced few new Pokémon for XY. (My apologies.) My line of reason is to do with the Dex Completion, mainly the National Pokedex. Yes, Wi-Fi has allowed for more trading oppourtunities, which in turn makes Dex completion easier, but it is still a daunting task to complete the Dex, considering that the number of Pokémon will always keep growing. I believe that there will be a day when we reach an upper limit to the number of Pokémon.

    I will have to wait until Gen 7 and beyond to see just how many Pokemon is too many Pokémon for us players and for Game Freak. Anyway, the current Wi-Fi system shuts off those that do not have the appropriate Wi-Fi system to trade. And not everyone have local friends (or even opportunities with strangers) to trade with, and I hear that this is a problem especially for players outside of Japan. It means more players that would give up, or ignore on completing the National/Regional Dex. It also means that GF will have to introduce fewer new Pokémon for all subsequent generations, just so that people wouldn't get exasperated at the progressively lengthened list of Pokémon they need to catch. (Or at least it wouldn't be unreasonably difficult.)

    This is why Nintendo needs to improve its Wi-Fi system, because a less restrictive Wi-Fi system allows for more online trading opportunities for more people, and a better chance at Dex completion. Even if that's not the case, a freer Wi-Fi will still alleviate the catching/trading task from getting too unreasonable.
    Hi. Sorry to bother you but you would mind us adding each for Friend Safari because I saw yours has Marowak. Mine is Mightyena, Crawdaunt, and Absol.
    I don't see the problem with diluting newer Pokémon with older ones. In fact, they ignoring the old ones just because they introduced a bunch of new ones always annoyed me a bit. I like what they did with XY (and B2W2, to a lesser extent). Mix the newer Pokémon with a ton of older ones, then you can build a team with either only newer ones or mix the new with the old (instead of only being able to use the old ones in the post-game). I really hope they keep with this mentality in Generation VII games (they probably won't... watch they make something a la BW again, 150 new Pokémon and 0 old ones in the main game).

    Well, I don't understand what you're saying. You don't need tons of new Pokémon to flesh out the main storyline. In fact, we barely need new Pokémon for that purpose. Even if hypothetically they decided to create only 50 new Pokémon for Generation VII (...like that is ever going to happen :/), they could still make a storyline better than any we had so far in the series. The only thing they need new Pokémon is for promoting/merchandise and even then, they don't need to create ONE HUNDRED new Pokémon for that. After all, they mostly use the starters/legends/popular mon to promoting anyway.

    Lastly, lets not forget they introduced Mega Evolutions to the series. They can be used to flesh out the story (or whatever you meant by that) as much as actual new Pokémon. Sorry for the late reply, btw.
    Ehh, there is already more than 700 Pokémon, I can't really agree that more 120 being added to the series in three years* would be a good thing.

    In fact, it would be a terrible thing, that would only serve to drag down the quality of the series. 70 to 90 would be the ideal, of course, in my opinion.

    *or even less than that, seems like GF decided to milk the franchise to an extreme degree now
    That is not what I meant. I said if they are introducing more Pokémon in the current generation, it shouldn't be more than 30. Generation VII is another story. I wouldn't mind 70 again, but as long as they don't make 130~150 again, it will be fine. 90 would be the ideal for both sides.
    So, I assume you agree with what I said in the "Gen VII legendary thread", since you liked my post. Just wanted to say thank you! People rarely agree with that. If you don't, well, thanks for the like anyways!
    Oh! Have you got an account on serebii forums? Because I'm sure you are the same person :D nice to meet you again! Since I left a few weeks ago it's nice to see someone that I like from there!
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