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  • Speaking of misogyny and sexism- I never saw so much batshit insanity like this before. I'm so ashamed of being a woman right now.
    You're right when women try to find excuses to call any popular male writer a misogynist. I'm into Doctor Who and Steven Moffat is getting a beating from them, from fans digging through the slightest hints of anything sexist.

    I'm still watching House too.
    that was impressive. I heard his "contract negotiation" was also fantastic (I'm watching it tonight)
    he's a character you just love to root for. I used to casually watch wrestling, maybe about a match a month, and I never yelled at the TV like I did for him.
    Watched wrestling with my younger cousin the other day. CM Punk is fantastic.
    Damn the fangirls are so shallow! They complain constantly about Hugh Laurie's and Robert Sean Leonard's physical looks ever since this season started! So many of them can't grasp the concept f aging, and are in denial over these actors actually, you know, growling older. Thankfully some think they are still "hot" and is aging well but some are in deep denial that their idols are mortals and want them to stay young forever!

    Not to mention they are ESPECIALLY whiny these past weeks. I love how just as Olivia Wilde leaves the show everyone's crying that they'll miss her after years of trashing the poor actress. And sadly the two new doctors are getting abuse since the series female scapegoat left the show. I like Dr. Park because she's funny and different and has quite some depth so far. And Adams being accused of being a Cameron 3.0 s starting to die down a little.

    I'm so glad you are not one of those people.
    Season 8 of House is really good so far! Although every time I hear the term 'lungs in the box" being used by fans I keep thinking about "Dick in a Box."
    So you've seen the new season 8 House spoilers. I agree with you that House in prison is badass. I'm also glad to see I'm not the only one who didn't hate last season, even if it was a bit uneven. We only got a few promo clips and spoilers and fans are already complaining about how House will be portrayed in prison. And since we're getting new female characters, the reverse sausage fest fanbase is already drooling in anticipation for their chance to bash the writers for hating women. I feel bad for whatever fandom The Good Wife has, as I can see all the batshit Lisa Edelstein fans migrating there and harassing its fans.

    The writers say they're going back to the basics more with this season in terms of medical mysteries and stories. I like that they're returning to the basics, however I hope they don't sacrifice the character study and drama and make it too medicine heavy. They should find a balance between the two.
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