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  • Good lord not only do House fans think the writers are women haters but also racists. They claim Foreman is made a hateable character because he's black. And that Chase was allowed to kill Diabala because he's a "privileged white boy saving a whole starving African nation." I finally caved in and wrote a House fandom blog here with actual quotes. I wasn't going to at first seeing that most of the wank on LJ was over Lisa Edelstein, but when they broke out the racist accusations I had to share it. A huge Lisa Edelstein fan wrote a journal demanding people defend why they're continuing watching House. The comments started off as general bawwing and conspiracy theories over their beloved actor until someone randomly jumped in out of nowhere and began a huge conversation over Foreman and Chase and racism in the show. I never laughed so hard at fandom stupidity in my life. I'm also getting rid of the rest of my House rants and putting them into one blog so I can move on with better things to write about.
    Indeed. House was never "realistic" in terms if character (not that that's a bad thing as it created one of the greatest characters in TV history.) While I agree it did go over the edge, to me House was always a ticking time bomb. After reading his character history from the show, various communities, and the unofficial guide Chasing Zebras he had a whole lifetime of repressed anger building up. Not to mention after breaking up with Cuddy she and Wilson basically egged him on to show his emotions and face his problems. They should have known that House is capable of being destructive. House has shown desperation to be happy, even going as far to use an experimental drug to relieve his leg pain, even if it meant getting tumors. He did wait until Cuddy's house was cleared before hitting it, but it was still extreme. To me all those years of problems -his relationship with his father, his leg, breaking up with Cuddy, Stacy, drug addition, the Amber fall out with Wilson, losing the patient in the season 6 finale, and more- finally surfaced and he exploded.

    Though I'm sure he will face problems in season 8. I don't think the writers would let him in easily. In the beginning of the finale when Cuddy was talking to the police she said something to the effect that she doesn't want House anywhere near her or the hospital. It seemed to hint that she was planning to get a restraining order on him.
    Yeah I lurked the forums and the site a few times and those people are insane. And the recappers aren't even funny. They have a hilarious hatred for Lisa Edelstein and "Huddy." Oh well at least one less loud person to deal with.

    And I keep having House and Lonely Island's "Like a Boss" associated with each other in my head.
    From what I read the House recapper on Television Without Pity is quitting recapping the show, probably putting it to "permanent hiatus" status. I'm actually glad to be honest, the people there are crazy and the recappers are very annoying. So the less idiots shitting all over the show with their stupid commentary the better.
    This is a bit out of nowhere, but I have a question: several times, you've made it clear that you're a big Reds fan. But on Facebook, you have both the Reds and Royals under "Favorite Teams". What's the deal here? Is it an AL/NL thing? Is there some goofy story behind this?
    I love the comments to that article. House having an "anti-women" streak? WTF? These days female characters have to be handled with kiddy gloves- if they're shown to have any faults- especially if it involves men- they're branded as weak characters and the writers are women haters. Though that commenter was going off on every single flaw on every single female character.

    There's also been complaints about the supporting cast being unlikeable after season 3, though that may be just the old timers talking.
    I wonder if season 8 is the last season of House. I would like it to end there, so that it doesn't rot. A lot of shows drag on despite being past their prime. Thankfully a lot of my Twitter friends from the fandom are getting annoyed at all the wank too. And apparently the season finale endorses domestic violence. Between people attacking the staff over LE leaving (she chose to leave idiots) attacking the writers, screaming jump the shark, I'm surprised the staff behind the show haven't snapped. I know I would never have the balls to deal with that batshit insanity.

    And I saw Born Yesterday with RSL. I was awesome.
    The House fandom has gone to hell. I'll just leave it at that. I also saw a fanfic where House kills the writers and people are campaigning against the staff on Twitter over LE's leaving the show. Despite the fact that she herself chose to leave.
    This is why I hate shippers. (you have to scroll a bit to get to the House part.) Did they completely ignore the first 45 or so minutes or are they just butthurt blinded by their Huddy hatred? Though from what I've heard from others the House fans on TVWoP hate Cuddy and Lisa Edelstein, and another recent list of "characters that should be axed" included her. Though it's ironic after the recent news of LE leaving after this season is over. So they got their wish. I hate when fans ignore an entire epic episode because of five minutes of something not going there way.
    So House has been renewed. Glad it may be the last season, as it seems they know when it's the right time to end it, unlike most other shows. Plus the fandom will actually stop bothering me when it ends.
    Indeed. I don't get why people complain the patients aren't interesting anymore. Yeah last night's wasn't as big but the past few have been excellent.
    I was just watching the RS episode where Don appears. Now I can see why some people would consider the show for furries (even if it's not.)

    And next week's House looks intense. I wonder what they're doing next season? I know RSL wants to go back to Broadway (or so the wanky fans think he's getting bitter at the show.) and it could possibly be moved to another network.
    I think I found something in the House fandom worse than whiny fans who can't seem to leave said fandom.


    And people keep downplaying Regular Show because "ZOMG FURRIES." Despite the fact that neither Mordecai or Rigby even act like animals at all (with the exception of Rigby occasionally running on all fours.)
    I always enjoy hearing your opinions on shows, and was wondering what your thoughts on Flight of the Conchords were.

    Great blog post by the way.
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