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  • It's not available from Amazon.ca, and it will take awhile to save up for that. It's unfortunate I live on a different planet than you. I don't have any of the seasons yet, but I do have two of the movies.

    Found it for $158 (Price with tax), at Best Buy. It would probably be cheaper ordering for the USA.
    I need a fellow Futurama fan to help me make a decision. I have enough money for one season of Futurama, but I'm stuck between season 3 or 4. Season 3 has Future Stock, Luck of the Fryrish, Godfellas, and The Day the Earth Stood Stupid. Season 4 on the other hand, has The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings, Jurassic Bark, Less Than Hero, and Where No Fan Has Gone Before. Which season do you suggest?

    I'm leaning toward season 2 now as well.
    Apparently people are pissed that the last episode of House didn't feature House front and center. I know he's the main character but he isn't needed fully to develop another character. 5 to 9 and Wilson (the episode) would have not worked if House was front and center (how else would I have known that his presence is only a fragment of Cuddy's life if it weren't for 5 to 9 entirely focusing on her?)
    Re-watching MacGruber. I now know what an "upper decker" as well as other lovely terms. Overall a good movie even though a guy dancing around with a celery stick up his ass isn't fully my taste.
    Yeah the Taub part was one of the cons in this episode. Though the quotes from that scene were priceless ("you might also want to replace the kitchen table too!") This episode really stood out majorly because of the House and 13 scenes as well as the whole story behind her. Now I'm glad I don't read spoilers. Plus the patient was the most interesting one we had in awhile.

    Surprisingly a lot of people were celebrating 13's return. Those same people wanted to maim her in the most horrendous ways possible in the past.
    You got a point. I was more referring to speculations fans are making over what would happen if the shows get another season. When they're not whining over this season possibly being the last one they're whining that adding more seasons will cause the show to lose quality.

    I have a love hate relationship with Chase. On one hand he is one of the bros and some of the best moments in the series involved him (Diabala, the recent nude photo scandal, etc.) but at the same time I don't see what makes him really stand out compared to the others. He's still a great character I admit that.
    Everyone's freaking out over who might leave or stay on House. The majority of the people only want Chase to stay alongside House and Wilson. They also want Cuddy, Taub and Foreman gone. What makes Chase so special? I like the character and his actor very much but he really isn't all that special.

    Sorry to rant but am I missing something about Chase that everyone sees in him? I hope they bring up the Diabala thing again especially when the priest in confession told him the only way to get forgiveness is to turn himself in. That would be interesting.

    If any character I want to stay aside from House, Wilson and Cuddy it's Taub. I gained a whole new appreciation for his character even after going back to seeing him in older episodes.
    Do you think this will be the last season of House? People are speculating like crazy. And apparently fans are spreading rumors that RSL and Hugh are bitter over the show and want to leave but won't because of money. I wonder if there's truth to that or it's just fans being their usual selves. I also heard Masters may not leave. Though that's also fan speculation.

    The writers a damned no matter how the end the series. There's only one thing I ask of them- DO NOT end it like St. Elsewhere. I don't want another compelling medical drama ruined by an "all just a dream" ending.
    I just walked into a LJ community called capslock_house. It made me cry and almost blinded me with flashing background colors. I also remembered why I stay the hell away from LJ for anything at all.

    Greg Yaitanes, one of the staff members that talks directly to the fandom get beaten up a lot for his "snippy" tweets, which are nothing compared to the abuse he gets from fans. I don't blame him for being snippy.
    Oh I see. And besides it's rated TV PG so I guess they have more leniency with getting stuff past the radar.

    I dunno about others but I'm going to miss Masters. Going to miss House torturing her. I love how she was freaking out over House and Cuddy breaking up and the reactions everyone else had when she found out he was doing Vicodin. By the previews I've seen it looks like they're trying to set up a 13/Masters sub plot. Now that's going to be interesting, and something I can imagine 13 doing.
    Watching the unicorn episode of RS right now. This show really does remind me of the 90's cartoons that would slip as much crap past the radar as possible.
    Hey jacob, I have a question. I made a small incomplete (jokish) story of about 14 lines, and I am not really planning on writing any more of it, so I was wondering, could post it in a blog, rather than post it in the writers workshop? Rule 4a of the blog rules say I should ask first, so here I am :3
    Ever since 13 appeared people have been extremely vocal on wanting to maim her (13) in the most horrid ways possible. It seems the female team members always get a beating. Even Cameron had her fair share of haters. And I thought people were going to rejoice when 13 left. Masters is awesome because she's not a hospital hottie and her naiveness is hilarious to watch House and the others mess with her.
    Indeed. And for some reason I have this feeling 13 will try to take advantage of Masters's naivety when they meet. I have this horrible image in my head of 13 trying to make sexual advances on Masters. It sounds like a possibility knowing the unpredictability of this show.

    I also have this gut feeling that Masters will somehow encounter the serial killer patient again. I don't know why but I can see them take the patient's story further and use Masters's naievety to lure her into being his newest victim.
    After watching the latest episode of House Masters's naiveness is really cracking me up. Especially when she asks why he takes Vicodin in the previous episode.

    Also love the Hitler Taub in your profile picture.
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