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  • Yeah that's perfectly fine with me. :D And I'm heading home right now so I'll work on your order, so hopefully by the time I'm home I'll have your Pokemon ready. :3
    Well if I say free, I'm okay with fodder. xDD

    And take your time, Plus I have Homework I gotta do myself. :p
    As for Sableye I was actually working on breeding some with Trick, and Recover for egg moves. If your interested I'll throw in a male one free. :3
    So you have more Dw females you want then? :3 Just make another request so I can breed them for you. :D As for the wi-fi issue don't worry too much about it we can work it out when the time comes. :3
    Well if it still doesn't work it may be because of the random blackout we had. :/ But tomorrow I'll be at my mother's house and we can re-try then.
    Alright. ^^ Though If it still doesn't work problem might be on my end then. Cause the electricity has been acting up ever since I got home. :/
    Hmm talk to me when I set up a trade then. If that doesn't work I may have a vague idea of what's wrong.
    Sorry about the belated reply, but thanks for the compliments! Especially on this particular subject it's hard finding people who really understand or agree with the mental anguish the BW anime inflicts upon me. And some people who don't agree or understand can be pretty aggressive - needlessly so - towards you, so extra moral support is always appreciated.
    Oh I have a thread in the wanted station for what I'm missing, if you have any of those I'd be grateful~ ^^
    It had perfect speed and sp.attack? I had no clue about that. xD And no need to feel bad, atm I'm only collecting Dw females anyways so I see it as even, plus I didn't even breed that specific poliwag. xD
    It's alright, it's just a glitch. Happens all the time. -___-'
    Hm, I'll take that into consideration. Maybe I'll catch one in the future. =P
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