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    The Bulbagarden Staff
    Ohhhh wow! That really would make summer miserable! That's good that you had Pokemon to help make things a little more interesting though. :)

    OMG. TWINLEAFSHIPPING. I totally forgot about that one, but it's soooooo cute!!! ♥

    xD bahaha! Yeah I'm sure most of the Pokemon characters we ship a lot feel the same way. But they can't do anything about it ;) I don't ship Ash with too many characters, but I still think he's pretty cool. ^-^
    I wanted to play the older games soooo badly when I was little, but I never had a GameBoy, so I couldn't. Finally my brother got one when RSE came out and I was like "I AM PLAYING SAPPHIRE!" I'm so glad he was okay with it. ^-^;

    And yes! It would have been cool if Drew had been the rival or had at least been in contests or something. I support Pearl a little, yeah. I'm not too picky about who I ship Dawn with actually. But Pearlshipping is one of the cuter ones for sure! But my OTP is definitely Contestshipping.
    I only started playing the games after I watched the show, because I thought the characters were so cool. Of course, Drew ended up not being in the games which I didn't know at first... but oh well, I still ended up loving them! Sapphire was my first Pokemon game.

    And yay! Dawn is one of my favorite characters, and, even though I don't really ship her seriously, I think Pearlshipping is cute. ♥
    Of course! Because Contestshipping is awesome~♥

    It's actually what got me interested in Pokemon in the first place because I had never played the games. ^-^;
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