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Recent content by brentoni

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    Why did Game Freak foreshadow Sun and Moon in X and Y?

    As far as I can tell no-one ever said that they spent the whole generation learning to master the 3ds engine, just that it was something they had to do that took up time in their production schedule. Even if they mastered the new system after only one year that is still one year that they...
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    Why did Game Freak foreshadow Sun and Moon in X and Y?

    I think that because of the amount of time they spent learning the new hardware and creating all the game's assets, including all the old pokemon, from scratch they new they wouldn't have time to make everything as good as they wanted, but with that groundwork in place they are confident they...
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    An interesting idea I had is that the rival could also be a mentor, where rather than you both starting out at the same time and racing to try and get good quicker the rival starts off as an experienced trainer and you are trying to catch up to them. They could be the one that introduces you to...
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    Trailers and News Discussion

    When I go to the official site I see an announcement for Sun and Moon on the front page that links to the page that TouyaShiro gave.
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    New Facility Speculation

    Not sure if this has been done before, since I don't generally do much with these facilities, but I think it would be interesting if every time you interact with someone online it saves their avatar and party to use as an opponent in the facility. Also anytime you interact with someone who has...
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    What DON'T you want to see in SM?

    A fire/flying starter, it would be really annoying if gf saw all the people saying no fire/fighting and decided to try and panda to gen1 fans with a fire/flying charizard knockoff instead, especially if they then added a whole bunch of strong rock types with stealth rock.
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    Your hopes for sun and moon

    I am not goingto say I do or don't want friendly rivals, but if we do get them I hope we get to travel together with them. At the start of xy they had this cool dynamic where they would be on the same route as you and you could interact with them as if you were traveling as a group, like in the...
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    What DON'T you want to see in SM?

    I don't care if cars are a big deal or just a minor thing as long as they fit with the world. I don't want another thing like in unova where there was a busy highway in the background but only one place in the whole region that looked like it may connect to it, and no cars ever enter or leave.
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    Blind or Spoiled - how much do you want to know?

    I would love to play it blind but don't have the self restraint to not be spoiled. I will probably get it a few days late and by then I will probably know more than people who have been playing since a midnight release.
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    What do you think of Sun & Moon?

    Kinda wish I could pick 2 answers, I am hyped about the fact that they are releasing a new generation although it is still to early to form an opinion about Sun and Moon. Am glad they didn't go for Z, I didn't want a sequel since I am not a big fan of the Kalos region (mainly due to the way...
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    Your hopes for sun and moon

    What I want most from past games: the DexNav, that was such a useful feature. What I hope they don't bring back: Mr Bonding. Something about a flamboyant adult man who meets up with (presumably) underage characters in hotel rooms or near dressing rooms for "bonding time" (which is never shown...
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    Pokemon Amiibo Compatibility

    I would much rather have the amiibos give outfits than pokemon with exclusive movesets, because the way I see it outfits are negligible. I don't ever plan to buy amiibos and I would much rather miss out on a purely cosmetic thing like an outfit than something that actually effects gameplay.
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    Sun or Moon?

    Am leaning toward moon, but need more info before deciding. Considered getting both, but the last time I did that (xy) I played through one then lost interest about a quarter of the way into the second.
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    Gotta Meme 'em All: Genetics and Smugleaf: The history and spread of Pokémon internet

    Re: Gotta Meme 'em All: Genetics and Smugleaf: The history and spread of Pokémon inte Are these meme articles going to be a recurring thing? Just wondering because in the article it said the most notable memes (plural) would be covered, then it only talked about smugleaf.
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    Awkward X and Y moments

    When I first started playing I decided to try a random online battle. For some reason I thought all pokemon would be made lvl.50 for the battle so you can imagine my dissapointment when I found the opponents lowest was lvl.50 while my highest was lvl.16. The opponent was kind enough to not use...