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  • Oh ^^ well I hope it was good :p

    Sure thing XD yeah, Yzma was great! I love that movie :D
    It's your birthday? :D Have a great one!
    Happy Birthday! (Emperors New Groove) - YouTube
    I remember most of the originals, like Charizard, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Primeape at one point, Butterfree. Also I know he had a Sceptile at one point, which I think fits the bill of what you're talking about :) lol, that's true ^^ personally I don't get Drifblim's design, it just looks odd to me. But we all have our own opinions though :p
    Lol yeah, using Pokemon (if they end up being good) normally helps me appreciate them more. I think you hit it right on the head, that's exactly what I think of when I think of it XD I know what you mean about those over-designs too, I didn't really like designs like Garchomp or Drifblim. Yeah there are, I like some of those too :) haha, if I watched the show more I could probably relate ^^'
    Lol, I had no idea either, but judging from here and people on Skype, I think it's the most popular ^^ ah cool :) I love basic designs too, I think that's why I prefer the older gens. I don't find a lot of the newer ones to be that attractive either :/ especially Gen 4 for some reason :p I think specifically, I just like simple designs, and if they're more complicated I don't like a bunch of color combinations, just one or two. For some reason I also like bigger, more solid Pokemon as opposed to slimmer ones (which is an added reason I like Rock and Ground types). I have no idea why though, and I like some smaller Pokemon like Scizor :p
    I'm the same way haha, I usually judge based on the entire line ^^ Fennekin is so popular, it's crazy o_o
    Thanks! :3 I liked him from the start, but then again I would hehe. And you're back?
    Ah that's right, I know it's not all the same in Oceania, but my friend from New Zealand is on holiday right now as well. And I am too actually, it is nice XD that's good! And yes it is haha, Chespin is my favorite out of the starters that have been revealed so far, what about you? I've been well, just looking for internships and stuff while I'm home on break :p thanks for asking!
    Hi Panda! Only admins (people with bold-italic names) can change your username. Is the option for changing your name not showing up for you?
    Hey! :D Good to see you're back! ^^ I took your advice and I'm now a lot more active here, it's been great. How have you been?
    The policy is that you need to wait until a certain number of days have passed if you want to change your username. Also, I don't have the power to change usernames.
    Ha i almost forget who you were lol. good thing the site has name history. i have'nt been online sense april yeah, i had some really bad events going on sense i left that's why i wasn't around for a while. everything is aok now so i'll come like i normally do xD. cool i'll checkout the anniversary on your blog. :cool:
    Well, I have a 3DS and also a turquoise ds lite. :)I had a pink DS but it snapped in half. :<
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