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  • Hey Bullfinch,

    Sorry I haven't been on for awhile! If you're still into rpging, I would love to rp with you again!
    Hey how are you?! Sorry I haven't been on since forever... I wonder if you still come on this site, yourself. Miss ya buddy!
    :/ /shrugs and stops being ominous
    Yeah, I can see how that might be uncomfortable >.< Maybe I'll just walk there from here! In... Denver, Colorado... >.> ... If I start now I should get there around the same time... D:
    Do it! <3 So right when you get back we can talk about it! ;D
    Haha, I totally would if I could ;) Maybe I'll invent one before next Thursday so we can go! XP
    .. Hehheh.. /still ominous
    What?? That's friggin' awesome. I've always wanted to go there... Lucky D:<
    Come on, don't let that stop you! Go with some friends or something! ;D
    But if you can't I'll be happy to fill you in ;)
    Pffff, Like that actually scared you.. ;P
    Awesome ;D Yeah, sounds pretty crazy XP But that totally sounds worth it, so I don't blame you for leaving ;)
    For now... /ominous >.>
    Wow, you're still in school? Ouch >__< But, you shouldn't have much time left before your summer, huh? ^^
    Me? Absolutely nothing. I've gone to the theater about a hundred times in the last two months, and I just bought some tickets to the midnight premier of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, but I'm only going so I can be one of the first to see the Dark Knight Rises trailer ;D
    What? Bullfinch? Hm... that name sounds familiar for some reason.. *shrug*

    Naaaaaah, jk XP Heya, Finchie. I didn't think you'd actually come back, haha.

    I actually kind of scrapped the whole thing anyway, so... You're off the hook! ;P

    So, how's life been? :)
    Late reply is late.

    I've been doing good. School's been well, the holidays were awesome, and life's been going well for the moment.

    I've actually been wanting to do a Private RP with you. We haven't RPed since...I don't even know how long.
    Thanks alot. I love Rei too; she really is lovable with her underlying thoughts never quite fitting her actions...
    Loved your replies also..
    Replied. Sorry for the late response, had to work most of the day.
    Thanks!! Could you write a review on the story forum??

    That sounds really interesting. I would love to do that rpg and use some of my own character along with Rei and Hotaru. Who would you like to start the rpg? You probably should since it's your idea.

    I need help with writing scripts and choosing VAs or even people to audition for roles. ^_^
    Sure, sounds fun. Haven't posted in here for awhile... Been working on a fanfic on here, have you read it yet?

    Continuing our rpg or start a new one?
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