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  • Hey Buzz, having my Lotad in a forum battle means I can't evolve it, right? The rules page doesn't seem to specify but if trading can't be done in the middle of one it'd be weird if evolution could.
    Bzzzzz, I can not imagine that you're taking the Olympics well. I don't actually know how close you are to London, but your country is the size of a small state so it can't be that far.
    Now that I have proof you check this fairly regularly... Me and Derian spent three hours arguing about which URPG people match up to which Buffy characters. You as Spike is the only one we agreed on. Also Scourge as Giles.
    So you'll probably never come back here, but if you do I still think you should add me on FB... Though now you'd have to link me to yours because I got really paranoid and there was a whole fiasco... Heh. Fiasco is a good word. Or, um, just check to see if I'm on AIM. I still think you're really cool, even if I haven't seen you in like, half a year. Yeeeeah. Well, have a good life, Buzz.

    EDIT: You may be amused to know I got reminded to VM you because I was watching Barney on How I Met Your Mother. Yeeeeep, I'm not creepy at all.
    Hey, Buzz, ATF asked me to take over his run since you've got lots of school stuff and whatnot. Do you think I could get his rolls? If not, it's no biggie, since I can just reroll them.
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