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  • You could just deny, but friend requests don't mean all too much, and accepting them is a good way to get a conversation going, from my experience. So unless he's kinda creepy or something, I'd go for it. But that's just me.
    I've maybe sorta got some warnings and I think one infraction, but they're all for like replying to spam and stuff, so...
    It probably won't be too hard to steer clear of breaking rules, though. From what I can tell, they're not so uptight about them as other Pokémon-themed forums. Stuff like swearing being allowed and all that.
    I know there's a Linux version of PO, but when I tried to install it, I didn't have some library it needed or something like that, and I couldn't really be bothered, so I just run it in Wine... I'm a bad Linux user, aren't I?
    Sorry 'bout that. Oh my illnesses, they always strike on Fridays too, so I don't even get any of the benefit.
    Already read the rules? You came prepared. You're a very good scout.
    I was able to get Pokemon Online running quite respectably through Wine, with a few hiccups, I haven't tried RNG Reporter though.
    And you already know BMG? Dayumm, it took me like a year before I found that one out. It only took a quick Google, but still.
    Hey there. Sorry 'bout takin' so long to respond, I was actually ill and hadn't been at a computer.
    But aaannnyyyway, how's it been goin' on here for ya? Any problem's you've run into or rules you don't understand or whatnot? I trust you've read the rules. They're pretty pushy about reading the rules 'round here. I mean, I didn't when I was new, but I'm pretty sure I was meant to.
    I see you use Linux too. I'm quite the fan. Although mostly just cos it runs way faster than anything else I've ever used. I haven't really done anything cool.
    But welcome to BMGf! (That's the acronymisation of Bulbagarden Forums, by the way. There's a reason for that, but it's not a very good one.)
    Hope you'll like the other episodes. ^^

    Don't worry, Kotetsu gets some respect later on. And Barnaby will steal the spotlight, but only for a little while.
    30 postów, to co się dziwisz :p jakbym otworzyła trade threada od razu by sie żwawiej zrobiło ;)
    Not necessarily: it was a while before it was announced Harvest Moon: Futago no Muura/Twin Villages would be translated to English.
    There hasn't beenn any word of them translating it or not.

    Inorite? At least there are fan translations.
    I really want the new Medabots game to be translated. Those were really good, challenging games.
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