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  • I'm studying programming, though I'm not a big fan of things like calculus or physics but I like computers and working with them.
    Do you mean there are less stories than usual? I feel that we are actually getting a decent turn around of them, but it can be difficult to say.
    Sure, I don't mind making an exchange. Though I'm in the middle of another exchange so it might take me a little bit.
    Yeah it really sucks xD so I have to do my best to pass.

    Umm...well for more recent fics there's Seasons by some color no doubt, there's my new fic Requiem:Gemini xD it only has two chapters, aside from that most fics I've read recently either have multiple chapters or having updated recently. Though there's the Girl that speaks with Dragons by Gotpika and NoirGrimoir's You Win Some You Lose Some, the chapters are kind of long but they're really good and there's only two out as of yet.

    You already read RED so that one's out of the list xD other than that I need to read some more fics, but I've been a bit picky lately cause most fics don't tend to last too long.
    Yeah, it's a real hassle, especially since I failed physics twice already -w-

    So I see you started reading fics again.
    Pretty good, I've had my own trouble with school lately but I've been doing okay thankfully.
    Hi, um, I've never spoken to you before, and I could give you a review, but I don't have any fics currently out. The one I'm working on won't be out until like the end of June, so yeah.
    Heyo, nice to meet you. I'm fairly new to the Writer's Workshop and wanted to meet a few more folks, so yo.
    I asked if you really read all those chapters so quickly xD cause then you must be the faster reader in the world.

    I should be able to read tomorrow.
    Dude xD give me a few days I gotta study. How many stories do you have anyways?

    Anyways you didn't answer my previous question.
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