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  • I know it sounds weird but bear with me here.

    Now, I plan for there relationship to be a dominant/submissive where Arceus is the dominant one while Farore is submissive. However Arceus will still treat her as equally but still as his submissive, So how should I do this? What sort of things should Arceus do with Farore to make her submissive.? How should I do her submissive character? What brutal things do you suggest I have Arceus do to Farore who will be his submissive mate? .

    Could you please answer these questions.
    I hope I can keep it up, because I'm starting uni in ten days I'm gonna have to focus on my academy fic to get some chapters in stock.
    Even someone with a disability would know when they're advise.

    By the way how far have you gotten with Welcome to Our World.
    My guess is that he's either really young like ten and or under and he decided to write cause he thought it'll be cool. He's probably has a disability in which case we should cut him a break or he's a troll writer (we haven't gotten one of those in a while though)
    You did pretty well and it was the right thing to do he really needs the advice. You did great it's his choice how he wants to interpret it.
    Ah, so you WERE being literal. Sorry - I'm just used to at least "interesting" being used semi-sarcastically or something like that.
    That sounds good, and don't be afraid when it comes to that shipping fic - If people flame you for not supporting their ship, just report them. :p

    Also, thanks for the feedback on Chapter 6. I'l respond more thoroughly to it in the thread.
    I've actually always wanted to read a fic like that (but not Ace Attorney) I would write one but I don't really know much about law.
    Sure I wouldn't mind though how you can fit Pokemon into it confuses me a little.
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