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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    I want to read some fics so I can start nominating for the Winter Awards, but I've been gone for so long so wHeRe ShOuLd I sTaRt?
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    Hey all, So after a grand multi-year hiatus I'm back and worse that ever. Life has been productive and I'm very glad I've gotten to a place in my life where I can return to writing leisurely. I would love to hear what yawl have been up to if anyone wants to exchange hostages. ;)
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    MATURE: Being Well

    It has been TOO. LONG. Way too long. Anyways, this is the first addition of my new fic, Being Well. Because I'm an artsy junkie, the story will be spilt up into "parts," not chapters. There are 10 parts planned, not including this introduction/prologue piece (I KNOW, it's short. It's just there...
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    I like the new scaled back award system you've announced. It sounds more efficient. Guess I should keep writing fics then
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    So...has anyone here seen The Place Beyond the Pines?
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread how's about them shipping fics? (Puts his head down. The ice hasn't been broken)
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    The Great Workshop Quiz

    Re: The Great Workshop Quiz: Quiz One! The prize will not be the Fic of the Month interview every month, right?
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    Hardest Gym?

    Fantina, but maybe that's because I didn't have anything strong against that type. Usually I'm able to move past that dilemma, though.
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    I just sat down and wrote a really gross and romantic shipping fic. Help. This has to be psychological. Suppressed feelings. I'm making coffee.
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    POPULAR: Fic Advertisement Thread

    "It Goes On And On..." is revived with Chapter 2. Things get pretty zesty.
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    MATURE: It Goes On And On... (Chapter 2 is up)

    Re: It Goes On And On... I...well this is awkward. I took a break and came back to this and decided to have a full plan on what this fic was going to be. A little bit of mystery, a little romance, action, humor etc. Plus the story's been planned out. I sincerely hope you like the finished...
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    TEEN: - RED - (Chapter One, Away!)

    This was actually a really good start. I loved the little references that you made towards the games. Those allusions were really quite neat. I particularly loved the line: Pallet Town was too small. People knew more about you than even you do. I'll have to agree that it did in fact feel like...
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    What do you find is the biggest single problem with fanfics?

    My top two peeve's, I'd have to say, are lack of depth in characters and originality. The amount of two dimensional characterizations that I encounter is astounding. I appreciate the amount of work that is done on the story to make it unpredictable at least, but if the characters aren't...
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    Writers' Workshop General Chat Thread

    I'm kind of sorta back. I come and go every now and then but I've returned with new writings and an ache to read some fics. I look forward to getting back into the momentum of things!
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    TEEN: A Little Bit of Good (Chapter 5 up)

    Re: A Little Bit of Good (3) So this is awkward, right? I spent a lot of time churning this out for a story that no one was reading but myself. Alas, I figured I would post this to kind of revamp the fanfic. This chapter takes a much lighter look at Grimsley, as my theme for the chapter was...