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  • Hey there! ^^

    When are you usually on the website and on wifi?... I want to make sure you get your shinies :)
    ok Ms. Shiny Dex. x)

    on our next trade (most likely sometime tomorrow, i'll talk to my dad first)... i'll give you my shiny Exploud, Gothorita, ha Munna, ha male Combee, and Pelipper. :)
    ... not that it worries you much but they're all legit because i caught and hatched them all myself. xD
    yes I do and I'm not looking for anything in particular so anything you give me in return is fine :)

    but we will probably have to trade tomorrow because I'll be going to work soon
    Hey, Cool Beans!!!! XD

    ok he still has HA Seaking in bw atm but you'd be able to get it sooner from him then from me, you'd be best off shooting him a VM.
    his username is Venom. :)
    Hey Again!! XD

    I asked my bf a little while ago if he has an HA Goldeen or Seaking, and he says he does :)
    sure no problem. :)

    my dad's in bed right now so i don't wanna wake him up to drive me to McDonald's. xD
    i'll check with him tomorrow

    is it most convenient for you to trade at this time of day?
    my schedule is free for the time being
    ok :)

    is there anything in particular from my poke listing you would like to make up for the other pokes on my end?

    no, unfortunately i don't
    as far as i know, tryunt's HA won't be distributed until 2/17
    I'll take your bold Latias off your hands... xD

    would you like my shiny Munna in return? :)
    lol I figured you had more use for the shinies anyway :)

    I set them both aside for you. If you don't mind waiting a couple more days, I'll be going out by then.
    Hey There!!! ^^

    Oh btw, everything in that poke listing i sent you is freebees. :)

    I'll give you my Shiny Exploud and Shiny Gothorita for the pokes of yours I'm interested in

    Let me know :)
    Enjoy them! Personally I think Carvanha is better shiny than Sharpedo shiny. It's so colorful!
    Oh that's weird lol you probably had to restart the game. I'm not sure. At least it was figured out. Thanks for trading!
    That would be me. I've added you on the 3DS so I would be under friends if you look at your friend list haha. It's all good.
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