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  • ok I'll let you know tomorrow and you can have anything you want from my listing (even if it's just to add to your shop) when I pm it to you. :)
    I'll be getting shiny Slowking in a few minutes... I'll shoot you a trade request when I have it. :)
    ok then. xD
    I'm gonna be heading out to McDonald's right now and have my bf clone Slowking

    Hmm, so do I actually... Could you pm you leftover list to me sometime, I'll do the same :)

    I'll VM you when shiny Slowking is ready
    oh, i'm sorry to hear that

    i'm gonna take a nap but I'll be back here at around 9pm (and my bf will be too)... I'll shoot you a vm when I return. :)
    Cool, so I'll get you a few of them. Did you decide if you wanted any from that list?
    oh nice!! ^^
    and no problem at all. :)

    yeah, shoot me a VM when you're here tomorrow night and i'll drive over there aftwards... it might be 30 minutes to an hour after you VM me as to whenever we make the trade because I'll get my shiny Slowking cloned first when once I get there.
    i'm US EST (maine)... What time zone are you in?

    i don't have wifi at home but my bf and i are both nocturnal during the weekend xD
    and there's a 24 hour McDonald's with wifi not too far away

    ... shoot me a general trade time for late night tomorrow, i'm on this site often :)
    Whatever you think is fair. I should have told you ahead of time; I clone. The clones are clones of legit personally bred/RNGed (depending on the poke) pokemon. So they are legit unless you disagree with cloning. :)
    ok sure thing! ^^
    i'll change it back to Slowking then so you don't have one that's nicknamed "KingPin" first. xD

    I use that one a lot for chaining moves so I'll asked my bf if he could clone it for me tomorrow. :)

    would you be free to trade at around this time tomorrow?
    1 legit shiny for one legit legend sounds fair to me :)
    are you good with it?

    ... all my shinies are scattered throughout my 4 game cartridges and this is what i could find so far
    -All pokes with a "*" are nicknamable

    *Munna, *Golem, *Slowing, *Pelipper, *Ampharos, *Exploud, *Combee (male), *Qwilfish, *Gothorita, *Electabuzz, Gigalith, Tynamo, Lunatone, Bunnelby, Gogoat, Porygon-Z, Wismur, Roselia (nicknamed)
    give me a little bit and i'll pm you a list of the trophie shinies i have and your missing. :)

    I have others thats just my main list so if you want something not there, feel free to ask :)
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