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  • Oh I remember that one xD; I kind of forgot to keep up with it though, sorry >-<
    No problem! I just didn't want to accidentally write the whole grade for the wrong Pokemon or anything, my bad!
    Hi! I claimed your story for secret santa, so I'm going to quickly hammer through a grade. Importantly, I didn't see anywhere were you specified what you were trying to capture: I'm pretty sure from context that you wanted a Growlithe, and I'm writing the grade mostly based on that; however, if it's not a Growlithe, please let me know ASAP or else this will be pretty awkward, haha.
    Is there a particular genre you want to write for? (Also I added you on skype, my username is tych13l)
    No problem :)
    Now, you said you wanted a mentorship in Battling and writing, right?
    Is there any particular place you want to start?
    Hello Miss Caite. How are you and welcome to the URPG!
    I will be more than willing to take you on a mentorship since you want one.
    Hey, could you try breeding me a HA lileep FEMALE please. Maxed ivs in hp, def, SpD, nature being bold, or recover as egg move, all or a combo of the listed previously would be appreciated. FC is 2105-9271-0532, EST (New York time zone). Thanks
    I should actually be thanking you. That Mawile had the Perfect IVs I needed, the nature I needed, AND the egg moves I was going to breed onto it. :D
    I have recently started breeding for IVs out of boredom, so I have decided to Try to breed my favorites. XD

    If you ever are looking for a specific pokemon, then drop me a message snd I'll keep my ear to the ground. Likewise, if you ever want any breeding leftovers, I usually wondertrade them so I don't mind donating.
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