• Snowy leaves Circhester and heads to Spikemuth. Watch here as his Rotom Bike learns to swim...somehow.
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  • Sorry that I haven't read the latest chapters, though I did read the author's note, what happened?
    Sorry I haven't read & replied to the last couple of chapters of your fic. I've been busy with judging and other stuff. I'll read it soon!
    On another note, I do like wrestling, so it's pretty neat to see a fanfic based around it/with influences. That being said...

    1: I haven't read your fic yet.
    2: I have read the Atlas.
    3: With Aiden Carlton's hometown in mind, I did a search for Badstreet in the topic. I am slightly disappointed it was not found. :p
    well all stories count as readable after all xD and besides, like I said, it's nice to have someone that writes original stories for a change.
    Well I'm sure you can do a pretty good story, you're probably going to win the newcomer award after allxD
    I can see this one hasn't had wrestling yet though xD so you were part of ff before coming here huh?
    XD I hope my review hadn't been too harsh, if you want I could help out a little bit too, and in exchange you can help me as well xD I've been trying to get a bit of a hang at writing romance lately.
    Ah, sorry about that! That's cool too! I didn't see a lot of gym leader cosplayers this year but I guess with the new release, you'll be at home :3
    I hope you can go! They have a great dealers room! For one day, I went as Megurine Luka's Just Kagome (Circle You, Circle You) and for the other two I went as Yoko from Gurren Lagann. If you were able to make it, what would you go as this year?
    Hey Caite! I saw you where at Collasal-con this year and I was just wondering if you were going next year. I was there this year.
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