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  • Got the required reading done, just in the process of putting words on paper. Or in my case, on Microsoft Word. I should be done relatively soon.
    Oh, that'd be so cool tbh. ;_;

    Hmm...I guess you have a point there (in terms of not wanting to run your own business). I guess I could make an inquiry about this, though. I don't know if we have a "mayor," actually...I know we have a board, so I bet that has some sort of leader.
    Well, it takes 15-20 minutes traveling by car...I can't imagine how long it'd be on bike. ._.;

    Yeah...I...really would like to relocate. Actually now that I think about it, there might be a rule against selling stuff in here...which would explain the lack of businesses. o.o
    For several miles? Over hills and stuff? No thanks. x_x

    Well actually...I meant there's really...nothing here for that. xD No restaurants, stores, anything. Just houses.
    Ah...a few miles...yeah. It's more than a few miles to the next town. ._.; And there's literally no place to work in my community.
    I see. o.o I still need to get a job to start with really. >.> But I need a license, too...yeah, I don't have it yet. D:
    Oh, fine fine, I was frustrated earlier over a game (I know, silly), but everything's okay now.

    Aw. >: Well at least you were able to have fun yesterday. :D What all did you do?
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