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  • It's about a couple teens (a metrosexual city boy who has a crush on Elesa, a dagger-wielding tomboy with a military dad, and a Hispanic waitress with a perverted streak) who are basically touring the Hoenn region with no intent of Gym Badges or Contest ribbons or anything like that, but get sucked into stopping an evil team that wants to use the powers of Groudon and Kyogre to recreate the world in their image.

    Yeah...I agree with you there. Politics just divide us and keeps people from getting along.

    ...you don't have anybody on your friend list yet? o.o
    Oh gosh. Well, nevermind then. XD I'm actually working on a fanfic as well. It's going...rather slowly, though.

    I see...well, I'll try to remember that. ^^ I'm mostly steering clear of politics these days, though...
    Ugh, that's unfortunate. ._. And I'm guessing you don't see any way you could simply rewrite the whole thing in a shorter way?

    That's true I suppose. ^^; Though I admit, there was at least one time where I felt pressured, like I should change who I was basically...I have insecurity issues. ._.
    Oh, I didn't actually read it, but I could tell by the scroll bar that it was rather long, especially with only 6 posts in the thread. XD

    Yeah, I kinda noticed that. It bugs me how people say "we should be tolerant" and then turn around and bash conservatives. ._.
    Ah, cool. :3 If I find time, I'll probably check out the Pokémon one. ^^ I was never really interested in Star Trek...though I am also curious to find out what the third one would be.

    I see. o.o I would identify myself as mostly conservative, leaning toward the center a bit. ^^; But like you, I don't judge based on party alignment.
    Oh really? What are these projects about?

    Yeah...you have a point there. People always just assume things, or religiously follow what one source tells them...or both. ._.

    If you don't mind me asking, what would you say your political alignment is? I understand if you'd rather not say, but...I'm kinda curious ^^;
    Oh, writing? As in, a fanfic?

    Well, in some of these threads where everyone (myself included) is panicking, you always seem to be there to calm us down. XD
    Ah, I just...well I guess you could say I just sorta wanted to chat. ^^; I've seen you around in the news threads and you seem like a very level-headed person.

    Right now I'm just on here and Skype, chatting with friends...which is what I do pretty much every day, since I don't have a job (or license) at this point in time and I haven't applied for college yet. What about you?
    So I've been dying to ask you: Are you into Doctor Who? Because your avatar bears a striking resemblance to a gender-bent Fifth Doctor.
    Still kinda new, not aware of all the rules, so am just asking these questions to make sure I don't make the same mistake that Ivan made.

    What is the difference between the two topics? Both are newsworthy and involve an attack by a person or group on innocents.
    So we are allowed to discuss a white man in Norway attacking civilians, but aren't allowed to discuss it if Muslims are the aggressors?
    Why did you remove Ivantuga's news story? I assume it was you as you'd edited his comment (I didn't see his comment before you edited it)

    Are we not allowed to discuss an attack on a Danish hospital?
    Why did you remove Ivantuga's news story? I assume it was you as you'd edited his comment (I didn't see his comment before you edited it)

    Are we not allowed to discuss an attack on a Danish hospital?
    It was all done by yours truly, though it should be noted there was about two months between replies, so I had a bit of time to work on it. xD
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