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  • XD that's a good thing though, it means no one is freaking out yet. You know, them anime and real world sections are kinda freaky ;) *avoids them like the plague* I LIKE MY SAFETY. And F&G has enough drama as is >_>

    That's what I thought--it looks complicated. It's easy to work with thousands of pixels so small you don't see them in your art, but trying to actually make art out of limited pixels!? Too hard D8
    Pffffffff pish-posh! I disagree, the staff are wise and very smart about their decisions =P don't sell them short based on your own fears.

    Pixel art looks complicated, I don't understand it but I do admire it =)
    Well now you've got me =P

    XD hahaha, I think you're being a little too humble. Take a little pride in your work ^_^, after all you are an Artist Alcove Mod aren't ya?
    hello i previously had a shop in the artistan's gallery but it closed and i was wondering if i could make a new shop
    Nintendo allows fan games as long as you do not make profit. So I don't understand why you closed my thread and why you think I'm violating copyright laws...?
    Huh you where not a mod 8 days ago, well congratulations on that to what section is it that you are going to be a mod of.
    It caught my eye because the shirt is a similar style to a clothing design I came up with for a couple RP characters. *points at own avatar*

    Anyway, it's very good.
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