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  • Sorry I had homework today but I'll be available all day when I'm awake tomorrow. Or generally whenever I'm on. And oh I already added your friendcode. :)
    Hey! Since your giveaway seems to be done and all would you like me to lock it for you? :)
    I am planning on doing one but it might not be for a while (I'm busy irl and in game ahahahaha). Also, I've got both White and White 2 that I need to finish, so I'll have plenty of extra legendaries for mine whenever I get around to it!
    Apparently I didn't need Virizion, so I have an extra now if you want to put it in your giveaway! Ahahahaha oops.
    I was actually thinking of doing a giveaway myself since I have some extra events and I plan on restarting X eventually so I don't need my items. Thank you for the Cresselia!
    Well I'll definitely take her then! I need her for my living dex, only missing her and Zekrom/Reshiram/Terrakion.
    I am/was. It's not that high of a priority though because I think I can catch one myself since I have White 2. Was there something you wanted for it?
    ohhhh yeah it was the give away right ? yeah thanks sooooooo much man !!! i nearly forgot about it (*_*)
    so when can we trade ? where do you live and what times are you free ?

    please reply via PM

    thanks sooooo much i really appreciate it man !!!
    I'm a Riolu fanatic! It's Hasty nature (mixed attacker) 31's in everything but sp.def. Praster ability with egg moves Crunch, Blaze Kick, Bullet Punch, and Vacuum Wave :)

    After I bred it, I decided to go MM'ing with it. I have a box of those leftovers now! Ended up hatching a shiny one though! XD

    Seriously, thank you for holding that poke for me <3
    Wow, I never seen a shiny Entei before! Thank you so much! ^_^

    I hope you enjoy your new 5 IV HA Riolu
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