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  • Yeah, sort of like Groudon and Kyogre in that they don't look related at first. I guess they must have some sort of relation though, since all the mascots have. It's going to be agonising wait until October ;_;
    Yeah I get a little of the Lugia vibe with Yveltal. Nothing too much though. And I'd liken Xerneas more to Sawsbuck than Cobalion. But they are both pretty unique to me tbh. I hope they aren't Dragon-types. Xerneas looks Flying? A deer? Do you mean Yveltal? :I
    I ordered online, so I'm not sure if the store will have the same deal (I presume they will though).

    lmfao I picked up the Gameboy Colour again, I am not leaving! XD Seriously, I would never quit pokemon forever. I was just really bored and nothing to interest me, but now I know Gen VI is coming I'm back loving it again :D I don't think I've given much in the way of creativity and that's not just me being modest. :b

    Xerneas is fucking awesome. I love it. Yveltal I love less. I didn't like it at first, but I saw some good fanarts of it and I've starting liking it more. What about you, you like/dislike them? I really want official art of them aswell as their typing. Seriously I have no idea what their typing will be. At least with Reshiram and Zekrom Dragon was a given due to their designs. These two? I have no idea, surprise me :I
    I managed to pick a 3DS XL up from GAME for £170 with two free games, which I think is pretty damn cheap compared to some places XD

    Yeah, I mod the XY section. I actually resigned from the forums at the end of November and gave up my bolds and everything. I planned on leaving the forums entirely since I just wasn't that into Pokemon anymore and had found myself becoming bored with the forums... Then the Gen VI theories and rumours started cropping up and actually asked if I could come back and help in the new XY area if it was Gen VI, then the announcement was made on Tuesday and I came back to help. There's my life story for you! XD

    Fennekin does look cool, and I seriously hope for none of the Fire/Fighting crap. But I think Froakie and Chespin have a lot of potential too! :D
    I just bought a 3DS just the other week, so I'm all sorted if it still works by then. *Knocks on wood* They are well worth it though, they have so much more that the DS doesn't.

    I really like all three. Froakie would be my first choice right now, followed by Chespin and then Fennekin, but that could change since all three are great. I'm hoping they all pick up some neat dual types once evolved, I'm tired of the Fire/Fighting aswell as Gen V's pure Water and pure Grass. Fennekin seems to the overall favourite by a huge margin looking at the poll in the XY section.
    I actually expected Gen VI over Hoenn remakes since there was a few hints the last few weeks. The thing is, with it being a worldwide release and 3DS not being able to be hacked right now, we could all play the games in October and have no idea about lots of the new pokemon, so it's gonna be kind of cool to see what happens. :0

    Which starter do you like? :b
    So it's a game about hats? :b

    Oh, right. What did you think about the announcement? I love new Generations, so I'm excited like a five year old haha.
    Team Fortress 2? Never played it. Why did you stay up the whole night? Do you live in Britain? For some reason I thought you did. It was at 11am for me here, so I woke up and just waited for the announcement to begin :D
    You're best off reporting it (the little "!" sign at the bottom of the message). It sounds like advertising. Also, if could you include the time that the person sent the two messages in the report, that would be sound.
    Yeah, but the other names just sound like the pokemon are awful. Neverused isn't so bad :p

    There's a supreme mod election? xD

    Go to bed! :p
    I like the blunt object one, that made me chuckle. Although I think NU should come before WHB, HSW and ITPJBO. :p

    I'm not a supreme mod :3

    Its defense is sucky. Everything else is ok, though (maybe not attack, but it's a special attacker anyway).

    yes, it's late. now get to bed!

    goodnight :)
    What could be below Neverused though? It is possible to be used less than never being used? :p

    I think the strategies have to be good for the brain. It's using your brain, at least. Probably why I'm no good at creating them :B

    Yep, Jynx being broken in a tier, just doesn't sound right. Shows how vastly different the tiers are, though. Although it does have high Sp.Atk, good speed (for NU) a sleep-inducing move and Nasty Plot, so it's not that outrageous, I guess.

    I have no idea. I'm fairly sure they upped the hax to the nth degree on there, though. It's absolutely ridiculous at times. Although I haven't been on it for a while. But I am hoping BW2 bring some upgrades for it, since it's relatively boring at times.
    Variety is cool. I just wish I was good enough to use some with variety. I tend to just stick to whatever sets they have listed on-site.

    Yeah, there's something like 200 pokemon in the NU tier iirc. Although I doubt all are that usable. There's always going to be some that just aren't great competitively.

    Cofagrigus is RU not NU, and according to this (RU usage stats), it's the #1 used poke in RU. Just shows that the lower tiers allow certain pokemon to become threats when they wouldn't have a chance at making #1 in OU. I think Magmortar or Golem is #1 in NU (can't remember) which is pretty cool. I think Absol was #1 at one point, but I can't really remember. Jynx was also just banned from NU for being broken in that tier lol

    I got haxxed out of the Battle Subway by a DD Gyarados. My Ninetales WoW missed twice in a row :(
    Ooo that is a little unorthodox. But I suppose it's better to not run something that's common. It'll have a little surprise to it.

    Well, I just don't like it because it seems like the majority of the focus is now on weather teams. Back in 4th Gen weather teams weren't as common as now (sort of obvious really). I actually was going to build a Hail team and a Sandstorm team back in the day, but I never did.

    Same! Most of my favourite mons are in the lower tiers. NU and RU seem easier to me, but that's probably because not everything hits as hard as OU (although there are some hard hitters down there). OU just doesn't interest me right now. UU is sort of the same, except I would probably give it a chance, whereas I won't with OU. I just like the underdogs in RU and NU (Cofagrigus is supposed to be a complete monster in RU, but in OU it's just so-so it should have been Ghost/Steel then it would have made OU) :p
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