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  • Yep, I think they are in most of its art/sprites.

    What set do you run on Blissey? Flamethrower won't be do much to Jelly? OU doesn't interest me that much this gen due to all the perma-weather shenanigans, so I'm hopefully going to get into NU or RU when I can be bothered.
    Cute :3

    Mienshao with HP Ice (which seems to be the standard) can take Gliscor though. I was running Fake Out instead of HP Ice on mine. Oh, I see. That thing was strong o_O But my Jelly didn't have any Sp.Def EVs, so that might have been why.
    It's one of my favourites, but it's not my favourite :p IDK why. Absol because it's just really cool-looking and strong. And Torkoal because it's a cute little tortoise :3

    It seemed pretty good. I was just wanting to get rid of Jellicent so I could spam Hi Jump Kick and Close Combat! :3 That Abomasnow was as annoying as hell. I can't believe how much it was doing to Jellicent with Giga Drain ;_; What nature/EVs is it using? I'm not really the best to rate teams, so hopefully you're not underwhelmed by my thoughts on it. :p
    It's not though. :p Absol and Torkoal are my favourites (can't choose between them) :3
    Yeah, sure. I'm down for a rematch :p I might even have a better team next time :D

    I have PO downloaded, I've been meaning to try out RU and NU, but because I can't make a good team for the life of me, I've just not bothered yet. :3
    Good game anyway! I don't know why I stuck Zebstrika in there :x
    No worries, I suck at battling. But that one crit made things different :<
    That crit was stupid. I would have survived and used Pain Split... T_T;
    It's like this when trading sometimes, but this is the worst it's ever been for me. I'm going to try turning my game off and back on again, and see if that changes anything. :)
    ;_; This is really annoying now. Game Freak better fix this problem in BW2...

    Btw, you have voice chat on :p
    I see you now. I left and re-entered because it's glitching. Maybe try the same?

    Also, can we do this with voice chat off, please? (Press X when you're on Wi-Fi) Because I don't want to have to be muted if the battle takes a while :p
    Have you changed your FC? I don't see you, but I do have a Slythe in my pal pad. :s
    OK, heading in. My team isn't very good but whatever. This will be fun :p
    The one in the middle. :p Do you have my FC? It's 5071-3141-9155, just incase.

    I'm just levelling my last two then I'll be in.
    Yeah, but I've hardly battled in 5th Gen at all, so I suck at it :3

    Sure, I might be 15 minutes or so because I need to Rare Candy most stuff from ~Lv.50 to Lv.100. :)
    I see you're still here, so are you free? :D

    If you are, I'll just need to fiddle with my router settings, pick a team, and then level them up to 100 (with rare candies :3) so once I've done that you can pwn me in a battle haha :p
    Sorry! I was around for a little while, but when you didn't come back after a while I needed to go ._.
    Ooo thanks for the tip :p

    I should be free shortly, I just have a few jobs to do :)
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