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  • I haven't seen it. But I've heard people who's seen it say that it's good, though. :)
    Ooo sorry. I must have missed your last VM. I can't battle today, but sometime tomorrow should be ok?
    I had a small moment of "Who the heck is Calcium?" for a moment when I saw your username, but that's not a worry now. xD
    As for the flawless Ditto... well, heh, Pokegen sort of took care of that. But thanks for remembering!
    Yeah well I released loads of my RNG'd stuff so I don't have that much left :p Although I do still have the EV'd versions of the stuff I trained.

    it's possible, trust me ;)
    Sure thing! I'm not very good though lol. I battled more in 4th Gen than 5th. Although this will give me a chance to try out some of my RNG'd abused mons :D

    Hey! Hey! What's that supposed to mean? I'll have you know that the staff are a plenty good-looking bunch, thanks. :p

    It started sometime around the the 10th of March or something iirc, with the new guys being brought in just after April Fool's.
    Aw. Well I have a bunch of EV trained stuff I never use, so I suppose I can be a guinea pig for you to try it out, if you want? :p

    Actually, I was recently promoted to head of the Pokemon World section, and I was also hired into the Video Games section too (aswell as the new B2W2 section since it's a VG breakoff). So now I mod three/four areas. :D /shameful advertising

    Did you miss the staff drive recently or did you not want to apply?
    Due to a lack of general interest, the Wifi Ladder has been closed down. If there's ever any significant interest in the future, we may open it up once more. Just remember, stuff like this is entirely forum-interest based. ;)
    It's been four months since we last spoke :eek: That's gone fast!

    So you've finished your team then? I think the ladder was closed? I'm not sure though. D:

    I'm alright. Still going. :p You alright?
    That snippet I gave you is horrible. D:
    It's like watered down water... it was initially about 4000 characters, and I had to cut the length in half due to the character limit. I'm a perfectionist, so I think it's much worse than you may see it... but regardlessly, it's just a portion that's been conformed to the limits. And it's actually a portion in the middle of Chapter 2. :p
    Catface he's got a big catface he's got the mind of a cat and the body of a cat and he floats in the air and he's got a catface....CATFACE
    'Aerospace engineering' = building planes/rockets.
    ...You were close enough? xD
    And good luck with playing the song on the piano, I used to play it myself. But being forced to do something is the biggest mindblock you can create, so yeah... I don't play piano anymore.
    --AND SOPA IS DEAD: YESSSSSSS! ... random question, but how do I make the 'spoiler' tags? I'd love to show you a portion of what I've written on my latest fic. :D
    Ah, my bad tendency to be overloaded with work is catching up once more.
    But hello! :D
    How have you been lately? Currently, I've been worried to death [theoretically!] about this S.O.P.A. issue... you're lucky that you aren't from the United States, man. If this bill passes, and the Internet effectively dies, I'm not sure what I'm going to do with a good portion of my life. And my desperate Calculus homework resources when I'm a senior, can't forget that.
    But my fic: is getting a makeover. So far, I'm running a sort of 'test fic' with a similar main character based remotely on myself, and the plot is COMPLETELY different and a heck of a lot simpler. I kind of wanted to start off small, rather than a huge fic as my first one... you following me with this? xD
    I actually made a 26 on my first try: not bad, not bad. I'm aiming for a 32 or higher, but I've seen people who increased their score by 4 points with studying/etc. But I got a 32 in English... *fist pumps*
    That would be amazing, as long as the Pokemon people don't realize that they're technically 'illegal' and throw me out of the system, ahahaha.
    Blurb... I shall remember that. And yeah, it sounds utterly cliched when I put it that way, but I've worked on it for awhile and it sounds very nice. I'm just starting Chapter 10, and there are about 19,000 words in the fic so far. :D
    Noooo! That would be intense. D;
    It's called the ACT: acronym for American College Testing... test. It scores your answers on the subjects it provides {English, Math, Reading Comprehension, and Science Reasoning} and gives you a score, a 36 being the 'super genius' level. Anyone who makes a 30+ gets instant scholarship opportunities, so I'm curious to see how well I did.
    I've evolved my Tyranitar and Dragonite, so nothing is standing in my way in SoulSilver, mwahaha!
    Pardon me for a lack of knowing what 'blurb' is, but it's based on a 'gifted' girl who essentially has no recollection of her past as she somehow appears this top-secret region unbeknownst to the public, and I still need to develop the storyline more than that, heh. It's a very visual story, so the paragraphs take time to make. I haven't really gotten much further than that. It sounds cliche at the moment, but it'll be really good. :D

    Mars ftw.
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