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  • Shame on me for not speaking in forever!
    Oh man, how can I even explain my business. I've got to take some major important test tomorrow {at 6:30 am, argh} and it's something that colleges use to evaluate you, essentially. But how have you been lately? That fic I've been working on is turning out quite nicely, but I'm still trying to iron out some more details before I post anything, if ever.
    And I'd love to work for NASA, but I'm not old enough! xD
    Aerospace engineering is a possible job for me, then I'd use it to become an astronaut later.
    Well, you don't have to take files. You can just get the pokemon sent to the GTS. Just be careful what you take, there's a lot of hacks on there. And I mean a lot. Read the "Legality Analysis" at the bottom. I think that's what it's called anyway.
    Bagpuss.. uhh. ;)

    Try Pokecheck. There's bound to be one on there.
    Yeah, I do, haha.

    Well, DW Bulbasaur is a Male only event. I managed to pick up a HP Fire one on Smogon, though.
    Yeah, i'm heading off now too. It was snowing and I didn't want to put the cat out but it's stopped now, so I can stop dying and go get some sleep.

    My Venusaur has Chlorophyll, though. So if you use one, you should use that. I hardly used Volc anyway, the other two just hammered everything (yes, even Ninetales). :p
    Sure thing. I have like 5 boxes of RNG'd stuff, iirc. But I waste my life doing it, so it's not worth it lol.

    I got quite far with Ninetales/Venusaur/Volcarona. But I Will-o-wisp accuracy hax cost me the game. I also got far with a lead Quick Feet Ursaring, Specs Galvantula and Scarf Medicham, which says a lot. :p
    I hope you don't expect me to actually rate it though lol. I suck at battling. And I don't have a team, I just have 5 boxes of EV trained stuff that never get used unless I decide to venture into the Battle Subway, which doesn't even really count. :p
    Smogon's sets are really only guidelines on what are the best sets for each pokemon. They're mainly to help new people get into battling, but you can use any set you want, there's certainly no law against it. Gimmicky sets are definately interesting but usually don't work as well as standard. I think you should go with these unorthodox sets tbh. You'll have to let me know what they are though. I'm interested! :p
    Haha, I wasn't complaining! And Hail is more original than Sand, Rain or Sun, that's for sure.
    Infamous because you've been planning it for for ages, so I've heard about it fairly often. :p What is it again? A Sun team?
    You should do some more stuff, then you can have a trade thread xD
    Loads of people say to CMT for... then when I pick something I want in return, they never reply. It's just dumb and one reason I cba with it. But yeah, I can't stop editing my thread. I'm removing most of the colour from mine right now just because it was getting too cluttered, but you can guarantee in a few weeks I'll be adding colour back in again._.
    I just did mine. Adamant 31/31/31/x/31/31 :D I'm going to do Naive HP Ice for the one on my White game, too. lol freaky.

    I'm very OCD about my thread. I literally cannot keep a format longer than a month and everything has to be perfect. D: I haven't stopped trading, just nobody checks it. There's not much I want to trade for either, really. I could probably use some Celebi/Jirachi/Deoxys, but I cba going and looking for them since there's so many threads.

    You have that Sigilyph that you caught for me, that can go on your list! I <3 it. The ball matches perfectly. :3
    Ah, the Victini? I want to do mine but I don't know how haha. What nature/spread did you do?

    On Smogon? Not well. It's mainly because I never post in other people's and I don't bump it everyday like the majority of people do. I just like having the massive list with pictures so I can reference everything easily :3 Are you going to make one?
    Just let me know when they're ready. :)

    Family, illness and my girlfriend. I also just got really bored of the games, and I really only come online when I'm doing something with/on the games themselves.
    Oh, I forgot. I was asking because I thought I had agreed to do it then not bothered. I can still do it, it doesn't take long in B/W.

    Nope. :(
    Was I rare candying your team? :eek:

    I haven't battled on it for weeks. I've actually been really inactive recently, so I haven't had the time to get online.
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