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  • I just got fed up and searched every e-mail account I own until I found it. Then I just reset the password and regained the ability to get on here!
    I'm sorta at the point where I'm writing it in Word before I post it... you know what I mean? If I have time, I'll put it in a spoiler thingy...
    Sorry to hear about your hail team. :( Oh, and aerospace engineering = job! Engineering is kinda straightforward, but aerospace engineering is essentially the job that designs aircraft and spacecraft. And I like that job a lot. :D
    I'm gonna laugh some more then, because that lawyer is not turning up... and you know it.
    Long time no speak! D:
    Not signing in for a month is a bad thing. And do you know why? -I lost my password for the entire time! It seems that I couldn't find the password e-mail, so I pretty much lost all ability to sign in on here, so I spent most of my time reading fanfics for oh, about a month... and now I'm writing my own out of curiousity. :D
    So how are you doing? I've been busy as always, and I've perfected my in-game team, except I've got to get the last two members put on the cartridge. My birthday was also on the 14th. ;)

    Oh yeah. And I like aerospace engineering, so that's why.
    I don't think you understand what I'm saying... but anyway, a lawyer from eBay won't be very good, so good luck! :p
    So, you wasted £1000 to sue for something that will be ~£15. Doesn't make sense in my book. If anything, that detective saw you coming a mile off :p
    You spent £1000 on a detective but you're going to sue me for making you buy a game? :p
    So you're trying to beat the system through hax?

    Yeah, Jack Robinson, that's my name. :p
    Haha, how dare you not know his name. :p

    Yeah, hipsters. lol

    You just confused the system. It's still not beaten.

    Good job I don't use my real name on here then. You'll never find me :p (But it is good, so there will be no reason to sue...) ;)
    I haven't even seen that movie. Tbh, it's not something that has ever interested me. I know that one guy from Heroes is in the film, but that's about it. :/

    Nah, it's not addictive. The WoW kids just take addiction to the next level. I doubt that story is true, but I really wouldn't put it past some people.

    Hey, Pokemon is cool! It's retro, like Mario, Sonic and Zelda. :p

    I think it's £3 something, but don't quote me. It's definately not a sufficient amount for the hours they expect us to work.

    Hah! I didn't say to go buy it! Save your money lol
    Star Trek. lol. My dad used to watch that. I've never watched it. Elder Scrolls games are epic. I love them. People will say its like World of Warcraft, but I've never played WoW so I wouldn't know about that. It's pretty cool, though. Each to their own I guess. It's definately a game associated with nerds, though hahahaha. I just soiled any cool reputation I had :p

    Yeah. Every exam seems like that, though. They just want you to do your best. You do need to revise for them, though! They ain't no walk in the park!
    Hah. Pay more. That's unlikely. Minimum wage until 21! That's all we have to look forward to!

    Yeah, the whole game has a good atmosphere, really. Seriously, if you can somehow play it from start to finish, I do recommend you do.
    Nah. I won't be buying it yet, though. I'm getting Batman and then probably Skyrim in November (11.11.11 - who's the nerd now!) so I'll just wait for it to come down in price first.

    Whoa. I thought you were in college, for some reason. GCSE's are daunting, but they weren't that bad (for me) anyway. Good luck with them this year :p
    Nope. Still jobless. I'm going to try and get something during the Christmas rush.

    Yeah. Those parts with Scarecrow are a little weird, cause he makes you hallucinate or something. (Scarecrow is my profile pic lol)
    Assassin's Creed is boss. There's a new one coming out soon, I think. :p

    Good. At least everything's good. School work is a bitch, but what can you do :p I'm also fine myself.

    Yeah, new Batman game. If you haven't played Arkham Asylum you should. Great game (and I don't even like Batman!).
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