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    I doubt it, but you never can know for sure if it's never reveiled...

    Anabel with a Perloin...XD; Poor Cylan.

    I pretended to be like Cylan in the Tea in the Garden thread :) ^_^
    The Purlion Pokémon episode...Wow, I didn't see the ENDING when I watched it with my BROTHER the other day!!! XD; funny stuff! XD :D XD
    Pinkie Pie is a fun character x)

    I like Twilight Sparkle and Rarity too. Twilight is easy enouth to relate to and Rarity is...interesting, espesally after this one fanfict i started about her.

    I like Apple Jack too :) And Fluttershy^^

    And Rainbow Dash is also pretty cool...except in the Mare Do Well episode. I actually found her pretty... annoying in that one....even when she had funny parts :/
    Also! Do you watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

    That show is fun XD I..can't choose a favorite character! its entertaining XD
    Aww, your welcome! :D I'm soo happy I made you SMILE!^^ Do you have a favorite cute pokemon from my avatar? :) hmn..I like the mew!^^

    I liked Dawn... ....a lot. I miss her. I don't get why people bad mouth her so much...i thought she seemed really nice?.. :)
    Oh! You DO watch the pokemon anime (i saw in your profile XD)! Favorite characters/episodes, if any? :) (okay i'll shut up now...)
    I was a funny kid XD; I don't remember much about how I was like, outside my attraction to 'pretty' things and the fact i played outdoors a lot...but it's not importent.....

    I hope you have a happy holiday :D Sorry if i'm annoying you at all...I don't mean to be an annoyence, don't worry :) ^_^

    Maybe we can battle with weaker pokemon?...

    But if you don't wanna, that's okay, too. :)

    By the way, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! :D It's been awile since I last talked to you...I used to be PikaJ xD;

    I'm not butt-hurt over gender stereo types soo much anymore now. Though, the idea of innocent, girly little girls who like flowers and dresses growing up to be people like preppies just depresses me greatly...hence why we are putting me on an anti-depressent medication tomarrow (we held off for awile because we've always been more into natural remidies but nowadays its kinda a nessasary...).

    I have issues. And, yes, I am an aspie...I tend to understand pokemon better than most other things too lol :)

    I hope you've been well! We can chat a little bit, if you like :) It could be fun ^_^ Your favorite pokemon is azumarill, right? Do you watch the Pokémon anime? :)

    it's okay if you don't like dresses, by the way XD; Some people probably just don't feel all that comphertable in them, I guess. I really had a thing for them as a kid, though...soo i guess it's a weak spot with me.....
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