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    TEEN: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Hands of Creation

    Gathering up what little I had to say for the past few chapters into one. 46 & 47 Well, to nitpick, seeing is already 3D with stereo vision. I guess it's more like 360-degree x-ray vision. Luxray vision? Missing punctuation? (gunfire, screams and helicopter noises intensify) no, you're...
  2. canisaries

    GAME: genre gambles: new year, new you!

    Roll me one too, at kind of a creative trough atm and this might help.
  3. canisaries

    Writers Workshop General Chat Thread

    the reddit thread mentions that they're based on the flags of the corresponding real life locations so take that into consideration
  4. canisaries

    TEEN: uA's "Different Eyes" [Chapter Six]

    Here I am again, this time having read chapters 2-4 and the first interlude, so I'll be giving some thoughts on them and the story so far. Chapter 2 I'm a fan of the start. Having Salem stalk the center and bringing in the glameow tom both smoothen the transition from solitude and ferality to...
  5. canisaries

    Writers Workshop General Chat Thread

    i think i'm getting shield, i like the mascot's look better
  6. canisaries

    MATURE: Hunter, Haunted

    Don't think you've got it all figured out just yet! There are more twists and turns on the way than you know. I did, and thanks for doing it! Changed it, and the mention in the original prologue which this one was actually mirroring. Now it's "deep-set", which is actually more descriptive...
  7. canisaries

    Writers Workshop General Chat Thread

    i think i pretty much think in english nowadays - if i'm specifically thinking in words, that is, i don't think i do that too much. i don't go out a lot and i basically have no friends, so i have way fewer interactions in finnish as opposed to english, which is what i use online, and it's the...
  8. canisaries

    Writers Workshop General Chat Thread

    when in doubt, use a name generator until you find one that kinda fits well, i used to be learning spanish on duolingo about a year ago, but now i've been absent for so long that i'm pretty sure the owl will crawl out of the screen and peck me to death the moment i go back on the site
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    POPULAR: Character Development Den (Questions)

    "Twenty years... by that time, I definitely expect to have ascended. I don't know how the flow of time will present itself to me after that, but it's likely that, for mortals, years will continue to exist. Not sure how long the mareep will last, though - a god could easily wipe out each one with...
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    Writers Workshop General Chat Thread

    googles it uhh well i'm lost. what do you mean by sub post here because this definition doesn't look applicable in this scenario
  11. canisaries

    TEEN: Dragony

    Well, both of them were ordered to stay in the carriage and essentially do nothing, so they weren't really in a rush anymore. thank goodness because i almost removed it for how cheesy it was Yeah, the fifth one is definitely the weakest. I think I may have made a poor call in splitting the...
  12. canisaries

    TEEN: Dragony

    well it's time to post this here now too, the final chapter of dragony. rated teen for fantasy violence and harsh language. hope you like very good yes --- Part Six --- “Hey! Stay where you are!” shouted Cheri. “Just give me the Draco Plate, and no one has to get hurt!” The altaria...
  13. canisaries

    Writers Workshop General Chat Thread

    well you may lose some profits from including competitive dog fighting
  14. canisaries

    Writers Workshop General Chat Thread

    how to legally monetize pokemon fanfiction write fanfiction buy nintendo its not fanfiction if you own the property checkmate
  15. canisaries

    POPULAR: Simple Questions, Simple Answers

    @Nitro Indigo Body mass index sounds really... random? I mean, it's something that was developed for humans to estimate if their weight is healthy while taking into consideration their height. If you went by BMI, you would introduce Pokémon ordered by how much they weigh proportional to their...