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  • Part 2

    Haha, your review was spot-on. When I watched it, I was really caught up in all the fiery speeches, the cinematography (this shot - swoon), the sizzling score -- but months later, I'm still confused as to whether all of it actually adds up to anything. I just find it utterly confounding. Is it condemning low art (which it seems to equate with superhero films and other blockbusters)? Is it condemning so-called high art (which Emma Stone's speech seems to be doing)? Is it saying that some of the "high art" out there is really just flashy, meaningless style-over-substance silliness? (Which the success of Riggan's play seems to imply.) If so, is there a meta component to this, seeing as real life critics (a minority, but a vocal one) have blasted Birdman for the same thing? Is it condemning critics? People like Riggan? Technology? And what to make of the ending? To put it crudely, I can't tell whether it's a fake deep film masquerading as a real deep one or the other way around. González Iñárritu must be either a genius, a pretentious hack, or the greatest troll ever. Maybe all three. I truly can't tell. In any case, I'm glad I watched it.

    Oh yeah, for sure. What do you do in your Speech Com class?

    EV training has gotten a LOT easier in Generation VI, so if you ever want to start, now is a great time (by easier I literally mean about 5 minutes for each stat). It really does make a noticeable difference. IVs, on the other hand...well, IV breeding has also gotten a lot easier, but I understand if players don't wanna get into that, it's a bit trickier to grasp. Myself, I have never understood RNG abuse. Which Pokémon have you been using lately?
    (I had a whole message typed out and then accidentally refreshed the page. *collapses* Okay, let's do this again.)

    Here's the "harry potter meta" tag on tumblr for a general idea.

    I can't drive either, haha. Yet my 17 year old sister can...I should probably get on that. I feel you on the social life thing; during my first year I did make a few new friends, but mostly I just hung out with people I knew from high school. I think it'll be easier this year though now that my classes are smaller. And 3 AM? :p Psh, try 6 or 7 AM (actually, please don't). That's good though, you'll thank yourself once it starts getting really busy.

    We didn't have that exactly, but I took AP classes which are kind of similar, I guess? I had half-credit for an English course by the time I graduated. And a human geography credit, but it turned out that my university doesn't recognize/accept those x_x Should have looked that up beforehand. I found that there were fewer things on my plate at any one time during my first year than in high school, but that the expectations for each assignment were a lot higher. Or maybe I only thought that because I half-assed so many things in high school.

    Oh shit, it didn't even occur to me to check out my school's libraries for movies! Thanks. Neon Genesis Evangelion is something that's been on my ever-growing watchlist for a while. Anything weird and psychological and only 26 episodes long is going to pique my interest.
    Part 2

    I know exactly what you mean. I find it a really interesting topic, actually; I should go out and seek essays on this sort of thing.

    Oh yeah, I definitely felt that creep up on me during my playthroughs of Y and Omega Ruby. Don't get me wrong, I still think they're fantastic on a technical level in many ways (Omega Ruby especially) but I've become more aware of how often I spend the game just grinding and moving from location to location in a linear pattern. Now that I'm older my focus has shifted to the updated game mechanics. The Battle Maison is a lot of fun (I'm still ridiculously pissed that the Battle Frontier wasn't included in ORAS though) and even though I hear some people say that thinking about EVs and IVs and all that stuff makes your Pokémon feel like tools, I've actually experienced the opposite and gained a new appreciation for my pokes.
    Hahaha, I'm glad you like it at least. Who knows, I'm sure there's a lot of meta out there that might open your eyes to something you haven't noticed before.

    Oh wow, time flies by. :p Are you living on campus, just off-campus, or commuting from home? Because if it's one of the first two, take advantage of that! Figure out where your classes are ahead of time (assuming you're still on frosh week) and just explore the campus if you haven't already. If you're interested in joining clubs, it's better to pick one or two clubs and get really invested in those, than to join a million different ones and end up only going to meetings sporadically. Get at least one person's number in every class so that if you miss a class, you can ask them for notes. And try and maintain at least a decent sleep schedule (I know, I know) Trust me. 8 am and 9 am classes will be soul-crushing if you're running on three hours of sleep. That's all I have for now, but I can try to answer any questions you have.

    You'll be fine, just take it one day at a time. c: How has it been so far? Are you attending orientation week, or did your classes actually start this week?

    Game of Thrones doesn't really pick up until episode 6 or so, but I know how annoying it is for people to hear that ("It gets better!!! Trust me!!"), haha. We all get to choose how we spend our free time. And you got around to watching Birdman? What are your thoughts on it? It's been on my mind a lot lately. I haven't watched a lot of movies this summer unfortunately (you can see everything I've watched so far this year on my Letterboxd account), in part thanks to my summer job. I was working the graveyard shift a lot, and afterward I would go home and pass out for like 12 hours, lol. The job paid quite well though, so I'm not complaining.
    (I'm still alive, I swear! If you have Skype and are comfortable with giving it out I can add you and we can talk there, if you want. I'm much more active there. :p)

    Did you end up getting Majora's Mask 3D?

    I still need to see Mean Creek, I've heard good things about it. As for whether my local theatre shows smaller movies -- not exactly. I was living in downtown Toronto for school when I sent that message so to get anywhere I had to walk. I don't miss the cold weather right now, haha. How has your summer been going so far? Or are you back at school already? And have you seen any good movies lately?

    Ugh, I feel you on that thing with media and violence. I like Game of Thrones a lot, but the increasing number of "shocking" deaths and scenes of sexual violence in the latest season left a horrible taste in my mouth. Yes, I know, it's Game of Thrones, but those scenes weren't handled in a way that served the plot/themes/characterization well at all IMO. It's become quite a touchy subject in the fandom. Glad to see someone feels the same way. And yeah, I know what you mean about Pokémon's "fake difficulty," and that whole sense of impatience over having to grind levels being mistaken for actual challenge.
    I high key cringed upon seeing this picture again, but at least I found it! Here it is. It's an early remnant of me beginning to draw, but I hope you enjoy, haha.
    Oh wow.... that picture has to be at least two years old! I'll see if I can do some digging around; I'm sure I can find it.
    Yeah, that's pretty negative.... I've learned at least with some stuff, if you just don't care about it and just do it, it turns out fine in the end. :I but I guess that wouldn't work in this scenario...oh well, time to find other tactics.
    Ooooh, yeah, that's going to be an issue too. Gonna have to find a job... :/ And nah, you're fine.
    Part 2

    Yeah, I don't buy into the idea that seeing excessive violence aesthesicized (?) and normalized on screen has no influence our way of thinking. Currently in ORAS I'm trying to beat all the Master Rank Contests with my Munna. I've won Cute and Smart already. I haven't looked at any guides or anything, but so far the Contests seem a lot easier than the ones in the original games since they removed the limit to the # of Pokéblocks you can feed your Pokémon. For better or for worse, the Pokémon games have gotten much easier in most aspects over the generations, but in this case I don't mind because I was terrible at making Pokéblocks.

    Haha, yeah, it was last week. It was even less fun that it sounds.
    Your game is older than my brother. :p The only Zelda game I've ever played was Phantom Hourglass. I wasn't very good at it either.

    Heh, I know what you mean about The Dark Knight score. I'm not too crazy over Hans Zimmer, personally -- pretty much all of his music is in the same vein... And ikr, darn trailers. I'm still really annoyed with the Birdman trailer for spoiling the very last shot, which is crucial to the film. It's not obvious that it's a spoiler just by looking at the trailer alone, but I ended up anticipating it seconds before it actually happened when I watched the film. Also, I saw Whiplash a few days ago and...holy shit. When people said it was intense, they're weren't kidding. I haven't had a film-going experience where I felt so uncomfortably immersed to the point of physical anxiety since Prisoners. J.K. Simmons was absolutely amazing and he deserves the Oscar. (With the way awards season is turning out so far, there's a pretty high chance my wishes will be fulfilled.) It's uncomfortable viewing in more than one way; without spoiling anything, let's just say that this is not your conventional sports drama (I know it involves music but it's more about the psychological character study like a sports drama) and that the questions it raises have generated a LOT of discussion of far. Definitely recommend.
    Part 2:

    Haha, I don't understand what purpose the non-linear structure serves in Pulp Fiction either other than an exercise in style. I like that movie, but prefer both the Kill Bill films and (the underrated) Jackie Brown, even though they have some issues with pacing. And ughh, I miss being able to get the gym badges out of order too. That was possible in the original RSE games but not in ORAS, sadly. :( smh @ myself!

    Before the break, I would have said that I don't remember, but I ended up going on a cruise to the Bahamas and stopped at Orlando (again) on the way. And on that particular day, I'd say the heat. Okay yeah, I really shouldn't visit in summer then. Haha. The past few days here in Toronto have been freezing through (at point it felt like -35ºC/-31ºF with windchill) and walking to class is a nightmare so I could really use some hot weather right now. And a few hours ago the city released another extreme cold alert. :| Great.
    I know the feel. I procrastinated on my anthropology term test (which took place the first week back...ugh) and I learned that cramming information about two dozen species of primates in one night does not work. How was your winter break?

    I saw Birdman again since my last post. Lol. It holds up pretty well on a second viewing. Now I retract my statement about the characterization being cold, but I maintain the criticism of self-indulgence. The irony of Michael Keaton's casting make me wonder if the role was written for him, but apparently it wasn't. I also liked how Edward Norton and Naomi Watts have scenes that (I think) are possible throwbacks to Fight Club and Mulholland Drive.

    Christopher Nolan's films, at least the ones I've seen, come off as a little emotionally...distant? cold? From what I've heard, Interstellar is an exception, so that got me curious. Whiplash is apparently really intense and I was actually planning to see it tonight, but I just couldn't walk in this weather lol. And Jake Gyllenhaal's career is really looking good right now, isn't it? I saw this trailer for an upcoming film he's in called Accidental Love and...oh boy. It was filmed back in 2007 or 2008 or something when it was originally titled Nailed and the project was abandoned after some financial backing issues. Someone thought it would be a good idea to pick it up again and piece it together, change the title to the most generic sounding thing ever, and give it a 2015 release. It...does not look good, lol. Poor Gyllenhaal. At least it probably won't tarnish his career at this point with how well it's going.
    Part 2:

    And I have my eyes on Whiplash too! Along with Nightcrawler, Foxcatcher, Interstellar (I think this NEEDS to be experienced on the big screen), Inherent Vice...yeah, I don't know how I'm going to catch up on all of these. I did attend the premiere of The Theory of Everything at TIFF back in September though, so that's one off my list. It was a nice low-key drama, and thankfully not as sappy as it could have been.

    That looks exciting. I've actually only seen the first Alien film (which I like a lot). But yes, I heard that a different approach was taken to Aliens and the others, so I think I know what you're talking about. I wasn't so big on the idea of Hoenn remakes at first (I would have much rather seen sequels, or sequels for X and Y), but they expanded enough on the originals to make them more than worthwhile, thankfully. I absolutely love the Hoenn region, especially for its non-linearity. *side-eyes Unova* It's a shame that you haven't visited it yet then again, I've never played a Johto game...I know ;~;...shhhhhh...

    Sorry. :p Maybe next time, hopefully hurricane-free.
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