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  • Hey, don't want to rush you, but it's been months since anything on Reverto Sicilis Vox has come out.
    I really do enjoy your stories, but I guess I didn't want to pressure you before this. I really need t know, has the fic died?
    If it has, PLEASE bring it back to life! It was one of the best stories in the workshop, I believe it got an 82/100 on Sazan*ra's reviews, and it was just plain original. It was something I actually looked forward to every day. Come on.
    On a side note, you have 333 posts and 3 blog entries. That's just awesome :).
    YES!!! Can't wait to see it! And awesome Gallade!
    By the way, Ken needs to catch more than just two pokemon. Just saying, adding an Unova poke in there might help.
    Hey, I don't want to rush you, but I've been keeping a look out for your fic. Do you know about when you'll have another chapter?
    Hi there, I have a new fic out, called Seasons. I'm looking to receive feedback from well established members of the workshop, so if you have the spare time and are willing, would you take a look please?
    Hey Girog! One Q, do you have an idea of when the next chapter's coming out? That way I don't have to check anymore. Crazy cliffhanger by the way. Right now, your story is pretty much my favorite in all of Bulbagarden :).
    That does mean something to me actually. Particularly since your chapter lengths are very similar to Rival's Story chapter lengths...

    Realistically, I probably won't actually read this for a very long time. Pity. I hate my short attention span. I still need to catch up with Speargun because I said I'd beta it.
    Hey, I just wanted to say that Field Research sounds like a really, really good idea although I've only ever read like 1 or 2 chapters.

    How long is it in total? I'd be interested in reading the whole thing but I have serious attention issues.

    You mentioned that it was coming to the end of an arc... does that mean you're going to close the original thread or is it all within one thread?
    How long are you going to torture me with waiting for the next awesome chapter?!?!? No pressure, but was it really necessary to make your last post? Hopes went up, then splattered on the ground.
    So, you have ChampChomp images? XD

    I'll look at one, be utterly repulsed, and burn the image into my mind.
    I love you. You should put your metaphors into a blog or something.

    I've read - Writer's block, too many ideas and now coming up with metaphors =P
    Do you come up with these metaphors yourself or do you get them from somewhere?

    They're really cool.
    Hello. You expressed interest in the Slender Man story I first talked about a while ago, so here is the link. It isn't graphic yet, but it will be ;)
    Hey Girog,
    I'm writing a fic called "Twins of Fate", feel free to read and comment.
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